Allison's Seduction

Allison's Seduction:
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She was in darkness, without the torch she normally carried when
exploring the passages, but she was long familiar with this one, and
moved slowly along it, feeling her way along the wall, still whimpering
softly, her back aching as she found the top of the narrow staircase.
She descended it, then descended the next one, and the next, going
deeper and deeper into the bowels of the old castle where no one ever
went, where Julia would not follow.

She emerged finally in a chilly space and felt her way to a nearby
table. She fumbled her hand across the top and then gasped as light
blinked on. The room was very wide, though with enormous stone pillars
throughout. There were odd devices spread about, devices of torture and
pain, laying there for centuries unused.

She had found this place many years earlier. Then it was only a
curiosity. Only after she stumbled across those books and magazines had
she begun to see this area and its oddly shaped instruments and devices
in a different light. It was a dungeon, an ancient dungeon. Chains and
manacles hung from above and from along the walls. Heavy wooden
constructions, devices whose aim she could only guess at were placed all
about. A few were familiar from the stories. Others, some even more
sinister, she could only imagine the purposes of.

She rubbed her arms in the chill air as she moved closer to the
table. A small battery powered light was now lighting this section. She
lit two gas powered lanterns which gave greater light, and gazed about
her, breathing in deeply, taking heart in the solitude. Yet still, the
ache was there, pulsing within her lower belly. And being naked in the
dungeon did little to ease it. She moved next to the wall and gazed at
the manacles hanging from them. She had placed her wrists in them many
times, sometimes even naked, standing there as though she were a
prisoner. She started to reach up when more light filled the room and a
voice spoke behind her.

`Well here you are.'

Allison gave a little shriek and whirled around, trying to cover
her nudity with her hands and arms. She scrunched up, face red as
Michael smiled at her from the doorway.

`I see Julia has punished you for your errant ways,' he said.

`I-I...yes,' she gulped, mortified as the butler stood there
smiling and making no effort to avert his eyes.

`Your back and buttocks look quite well-striped. Do they hurt?'

She jerked her head up and down, then lowered her head, her blonde
bangs covering her eyes as he moved slowly forward. She backed up
slightly, small feet shuffling through the dust until her aching red
buttocks pushed against the stonework of the wall. She was painfully
embarrassed at him seeing her...and yet...inside her she felt a rush of
heat to her loins as he approached.

Michael stopped, still with the small smile on his face. He had
gotten to the small passage behind the tower room and opened the tiny
hole there just in time to see Julia burst in and interrupt what had
begun to look like a promising little scene.

At first he'd been furious at the bitch governess, but then he'd
cheered her on as his trousers bulged with delight. When Allison had
raced away he'd hurried down the passage stairs and halted just as she
burst into the passage ahead of him.

`Now you're not embarrassed in front of me, are you, Miss Allison?
After all, we've known each other, you and I, for most of your life.'

He put his fingers under her delicate chin and tilted her head up.
Her eyes flickered rapidly from side to side, as though she couldn't
bear to rest them on him.

`I always knew you spent time down here,' he said. `I often spotted
you taking this path when I was using the back passage to the kitchen.
Oh yes,' he said at her look of surprise, `I know many of the passages
myself, including this one.'

He stepped back and again she dropped her chin, letting her hair
form a silken layer between them.

`I encountered you on another occasion, Miss Allison,' Michael
said, stroking the backs of his fingers along her hair. "It was on the
third floor, far in the north section where no one ever goes, back in
what used to be a guest bedroom.

`I was searching for an appropriate room which looked north, you
see, to set up my telescope to view Venus. But what I came across was a
different manifestation of the goddess of love.'

`It was you, Miss Allison," he said, "you had apparently stumbled
across a collection of old pulp novels and magazines, you know the ones.'

She looked up, stricken, then dropped her chin again as he chuckled.

`Yes, those ones. You obviously found them fascinating. You were
sitting on the floor with your back propped against the wall. You held
one of the novels open in your left hand as you...well, your trousers
were open and your right hand was down the front of them.

`To be charitable, let us say you were scratching an itch and er,
found it quite, quite satisfying.'

Allison's face burned as the man chuckled. She felt mortified at
the realization he had watched her.

Did you like the novel about the butler?'

She started in surprise and he chuckled again.

`After I realized you were going through the books I planted that
one there for you. It's always been one of my personal favourites.'

He took her wrist, pulling it away from where it clutched her
opposite arm, pulling her away from the wall as he turned from her and
walked further into the room. She gasped as she tried to cover herself
with the use of only one arm.

`I always found the domination and submission aspects of human
sexuality thoroughly fascinating,' Michael said. "On the one side you
have the dominant personality degrading and dehumanizing his subject,
finding vigorous enjoyment out of mastery, and even pain, at the thrill
of subjecting another to pain free of guilt.

He pulled her over to an object which resembled an enormous barrel
set on its side. Manacles attached to heavy chains were bolted to the
floor and also set into the wall above and behind it.

`Now here's an interesting object and the subject of numerous
learned lectures I've heard and read," he said. "A variation of the
rack. Would you like to try it?'

She shook her head weakly but he ignored her, turning her and
pushing her back against the rounded side of the barrel. He smiled
gently as he lifted her wrist, then took the other, lifting that up as
well, forcing both of them up above her head and back behind her.

Allison cringed inwardly, her mind fluttering in helpless
embarrassment as she was totally exposed now to his gaze. She had not
altogether understood his intent, focused only on her own nudity and her
inability to now cover herself.

Michael easily pushed her hands up high, joining her slim wrists
together and holding them in one hand as he brought down one of the
manacles. He snapped it around her right wrist, and she immediately
lowered her left to try and cover herself as he screwed the manacles tight.

He chuckled then took her left wrist, lifting it up and back as
well, slipping the manacle around her wriggling wrist and screwing it
tightly in place.

He stood back and looked at her and Allison looked away, flushed
red as he examined her body. Her wrists were up and back behind her
head, her body bowed back, chest thrust out, breasts taut. She had
crossed her legs in a feeble attempt to cover herself from his eyes, but
he only smiled in amusement, then bent to open them. He shackled her
legs side by side into manacles chained to the floor. They were only a
foot apart but felt far, far wider to her as she could not now cover
herself in any way.

He stood back again, looking her up and down.

`Lovely. Quite, quite lovely,' he murmured. `Do you know how lovely
you look, Miss Allison? Do you understand how provocative and sensual
your present position is? How aroused and exited a man would find the
vision of you as you now stand, your firm, lush young body bathed in
flickering gold light, your breasts straining against your flesh, your
stomach tight and firm, your delicate pink nipples fully erect...'

Allison's mind was in turmoil. The feel of the hard, cold metal
around her wrists shocked her, and being unable to pull herself free
shocked her even more. Somewhere, deep inside her she felt a hot rush of
recognition, of awareness that this was something she had always dreamed
of, this helpless bondage, and her loins throbbed as his eyes moved over
her naked flesh.

His hand slid along her throat, then gently caressed her chilled
flesh, easing down between her breasts to feel her pounding heart. He
held his hand there for a long moment, then let it glide lower, across
her firm stomach, then circling, easing up along her left ribs, leaving
a hot trail of fire behind.

His finger slipped along the underside of her right breast, barely
touching it then his full hand traced back, caressing the underside of
her breast slowly, sliding back and forth, back and forth.

Allison's breasts swelled with the touch, her nipples painfully
erect as her first sexual experience sent her dazed mind into orbit. She
pulled again and again at the shackles, but not with any real intent of
freeing herself. Her body trembled with barely suppressed excitement as
Michael caressed her.

`The sight of you is deeply stimulating,' he sighed. `That is the
power of a woman of beauty, to raise a man's pulse and heartbeat, to
bathe his mind in fire and lust simply being.'

His hand squeezed softly upwards as Allison slowly turned her head
around, her heart pounding and pulse racing, her mind tumbling and
twisting in shocked excitement.

`Did you find that novel interesting, Miss Allison? Did you read of
the vile things done to Lady Jane by her Butler? Did it arouse you,
perhaps cause you to...envy her?'

His hand slipped down her belly again, swerving along her thigh,
then rubbing gently against the small V of golden pubic hair above her
cleft. He plucked a hair out and she yelped in pain.

`Some see pain as merely heat,' he said, reaching for and plucking
another hair. `Some say pleasure is the same.'

He plucked a longer hair and she yelped, her hips jerking forward.
`Under the right conditions a body won't be able to tell the difference.'

`P-please!' she gasped.

He twirled another hair around his finger then plucked it out
before letting his fingers trail lazily back and forth across her
stomach back up under her breast. Again he palmed the base of it,
stroking back and forth slowly.

He was practically torturing her! Allison's body spasmed with the
intensity of the sexual desire swelling within. She was so utterly
exposed, so brazenly...sexually exposed and helpless, utterly helpless
as he tormented her!

His hand slowly rose, then his fingernail scraped across her
straining nipple.

She gasped, staring, face hot, as Michael slid his thumb and
forefinger together against the rigid pink bud and rolled it between them.

`I suppose I'm being outrageously familiar, Miss Allison,' he said,
`but I'm sure you'll forgive me. We have known each other for such a
long time, after all.'

He pressed his thumb and finger together harder, pulling out,
pinching her nipple between them and stretching it towards him.

`Oh! Oh! Please! Michael! Ooww!'

`What is it, Miss Allison?'

`Y-You're hurting me!'

`Think of it as pleasure, Miss Allison.'

`Owww! Don't! Nooo!'

Her nipple strained out so hard now it was distorting the surface
of her breast, the areola also bulging up and out as the round shape of
her breast became a cone. She felt the pain as a hot, sharp stinging
thing, and clenched her teeth against it as she squirmed and pulled at
her bonds. Yet there was an intimacy to his touch she gloried in, and
the darkness of his eyes and the cruelty she now saw there made her
shudder with fear and excitement.

He released her nipple and her breast jiggled and shook lightly
before resuming its former shape. She gasped in relief, yet oddly wished
he would touch her again there. Her nipple felt so sensitive she knew
she would climax if his lips touched her there.

`Only a couple of fingers, Miss Allison. Surely a couple of fingers
could do no harm.'

He trailed his fingers down her heaving chest, down her belly, then
through her soft downy pubic hair.


The tip of his finger found the top of her cleft and he began to
rub there gently. He pulled his finger back after a moment, sliding it
across her parted lips, then into her mouth. Her lips closed
automatically even as he smiled.

`Yes. Good girl. Lick it, my dear. Get it nice and wet, nice and

Fearful and astonishingly aroused, Allison licked hesitantly at his
finger inside her mouth as he gently pumped it in and out. He stroked
her hair again, then pulled the finger out and placed it against the top
of her cleft once more. Again he started to rub gently, his other hand
sliding up under her breast.

`Yes, you've become quite a lovely young woman,' he said. `A feast
for the eyes of any man.'

His finger gently rubbed and stroked, moving side to side, then up
and down, always concentrating on the oh so sensitive spot at the top of
her cleft that she herself so loved touching. But the sensations were
shockingly more arousing from his touch, and Allison's body felt
desperate rush of excitement.

`Did you ever fantasise that such things would happen to you, Miss
Allison? Is that why you came down here so often, to look at these
ancient instruments of torment and imagine the possibilities?'

`P-Please I-I don't... - .'

`Shhhh,' he said, placing a finger against her lips. `Don't speak yet.
Wait until you can sing.'

He continued to rub at her sex slowly, gently, and she felt his
middle finger pressing in more firmly, felt through the roaring of her
blood the finger slowly easing down between her tight pubic lips, easing
into the soft cleft between them and rubbing along there.

She felt an intense throbbing down there, and a wild fluttering in
her stomach. She had almost forgotten Julia and the pain in her back and
buttocks, for her mind was now filled with a swirling sexual need she
could not remember ever having.

`Think of this as a story you're reading, Miss Allison, and you're
the heroine.'
From the book: The Butler, by Argus
Argus erotic books have been published by Virgin Nexus, Silver Moon,
Star, Olympia, Chimera, and Beeline. They are available at
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