BDSM Stories
Beautiful young Hollywood starlets (you might recognize) tempt and taunt
the world with their beauty and sexuality, but now they will appear in
new and nastier movies, movies as graphic and cruel as their new
masters' desire, all broadcast to a delighted world over the internet.

Emily Dewer was one of Hollywood’s most respected young actresses.
That is to say, the body of her work was respected. Emily was a talented
actress who took her work quite seriously. She had been acting since she
was a child, and had rejected all roles which did not, in her opinion,
help her “grow” as an actress, or which were not serious, or which were
not in serious films. Emily acted only in critically acclaimed films and
disdained anything which she feared would demeaning to her as an
actress. She avoided exploitive, big box office movies.
That, at any rate, had been the plan. It had been a good plan, and
it had certainly brought her the critical acclaim and praise she had so
long and so desperately sought. For Emily was a young woman fraught with
fears and in constant need of reassurance about her worthiness as a
person and actress. She had an enormous inferiority complex, and
desperately worried about each poor review of her work.
But Emily, though now wealthy and famous, had only ever once come
close to starring in a hit movie. That had been ten years earlier, when,
as a sixteen year old, she had appeared in a comedy, very much against
her own better judgement. Since then, her movies had been well received,
but small. And she was up against a wall in her wistful desires for more.
Her measurements were a voluptuous Thirty Six-D, Twenty-One,
Thirty-Three, and she was all of five feet tall. This naturally
precluded her consideration for action roles. Her small stature and
soft, vulnerable, little girl looks meant she was rarely even considered
for roles as “the love interest”. She absolutely refused to do nudity of
any kind, feeling it would draw howls of denunciation for her
“exploiting” her body, especially her breasts.
And she would not do comedy, feeling they were not “serious”.
That did not leave very much room for her to expand outside her
self imposed box of smallish, serious films. This caused her
considerable consternation.
Of course, much caused Emily consternation. She had a very poor
self image, and often felt terribly alone. Her private life was the
polar opposite of her dignified career, for she had sought after (some
said stalked) man after man, most of them rock stars and actors, and
engaged in so many relationships even the slavering paparazzi of the
Hollywood press had been unable to keep up with her romances.
She was, in fact, becoming something of a joke, with the press no
longer asking who she was sleeping with, but who she hadn’t. And the
list was growing ever shorter.
Her reputation for jumping from bed to bed had caused ridicule
enough among press and peers, but she was now trying to live down an
even worse blow to her reputation and her forlorn desire to be respected
and taken seriously. She had recently been arrested for stealing a
necklace from the home of a producer during a party - a party she had
not been invited to but had crashed.
Her mug shot, with Emily looking quite pitiful - though in an eye
popping low cut dress - had appeared in all the papers and on TV, and
there was much open speculation about her mental state and psychological
So she was deeply unhappy when she returned home that evening from
another party where she had been uninvited, where she had very anxiously
tried to seduce a famous rock star - and failed. She slammed the door of
her mansion and the sound echoed through the enormous front hall. Then
she leaned back against the door, eyes filling with tears, feeling quite
sorry for herself.
She sniffled softly as she walked through the dark hall and made
her way up the winding staircase to the second floor. There, in her
luxurious bedroom, she stripped off the thousand dollar gown she had
been wearing, dumped her bra on the floor atop and hooked her thumbs
into the waistband of her lacy G-string, slipping it down and off.
Naked but for a diamond and emerald necklace, she padded into the
large, adjoining bathroom and opened the big shower stall, then turned
on the water before turning and padding back. She reached behind her
neck as she walked, undoing the necklace, then dropped it into her
jewellery box before turning again for the bathroom.
She had been drinking, but was not - quite - drunk. So she was
surprised to see the bathroom door closed ahead of her. Frowning, she
put her small hand to the knob and tried to turn it, surprised that she
couldn’t. She stared at the door in confusion, then turned to go back
into the bedroom, halting, shocked.
There was a figure standing in front of her, a large figure. The
room was dark, with the only light coming from the open hall door behind
him, and so his face was dark and frightening.
“Wh-who are you!? She gasped, falling back against the closed door.
“What do you want!? How did you get in here!?”
The man stared at her, and Emily tried to cover her breasts and
groin with her hands, her lower lip beginning to quiver. “What do you
want!?” she cried.
Yet the man only looked at her.
There were two walls hemming her in and a locked door behind. There
was no where for Emily to go. She burst into tears, hiding her face,
then her breasts, then turning and pressing herself against the door as
she sobbed deeply.
She felt his presence behind her, and her sobs became deeper and
choked with misery and fear. She felt his hands on her bare shoulders,
and cringed, weeping, as his hands gently caressed her soft skin, then
moved up to comb softly through her short dark hair.
“Please,” she whimpered. “Please!”
“Shhh,” he whispered.
He leaned in so she could feel his breath against her cheek, and
she hid her face against the door, closing her eyes.
“I’m going to make you a star,” he whispered.
Her arms were clenched before her and he took them gently but
firmly, pulling them back and then around behind her. Emily did not
resist, but only whimpered more strongly as she felt him pulling her
arms back and pinning them together with one large hand. She felt
something cold and metallic against the soft flesh of her arms,
encircling first one arm and then, as they were pulled closer together,
the other.
“Please!” she gasped. “Y-You’re hurting me!”
Her arms were pulled back painfully far, her forearms, and then her
elbows squeezed together by the cold metal. Then she felt similar metal
bands around her slender wrists. She whimpered fearfully, gasping as she
felt a pull on her short hair, a pull which forced her head up and back.
She was breathing in short, desperate little pants now, almost light
headed, in danger of hyperventilating.
She saw a metal band go over her head and pass before her eyes. It
was thin, and about two inches or so in width. It pulled back together
behind her throat and she heard a click as it was fastened somehow.
Then She was pulled backwards, wailing in fear as she was walked back
along the little hall which led from bathroom to bedroom, and then
turned around.
There were two men there now, and her fear grew more pronounced,
her wide eyes jerking from one shadowy figure to another.
“What do you want!?” she sobbed.
“We’re going to make you a star,” one of them said.
And then a bright light made her eyes squint.
“What do you mean? I don’t understand!”
“Get on your knees.”
“What? Why?”
“Because I told you to.”
Sniffling fearfully, Emily slowly got to her knees, grunting
awkwardly, her shoulders aching because of the way her arms were pinned
“You like to suck cock, don’t you, Emly?”
Her lips quivered as she stared up fearfully into the light.
“Answer the question,” the voice snapped.
“I-I-I g-guess,” she gulped.
“You have a reputation as an excellent cock sucker. Do you know how
many cocks you’ve sucked?”
She shook her head numbly.
“Would you call yourself a whore, Emily?”
“N-No,” she whimpered.
“Many others have. You sleep with a lot of men, after all.”
“You fuck a lot of men,” the other voice said less kindly.
One of the men stepped forward, still shadowed to her, the bright
light behind him. “I want you to suck my cock, Emily.”
“A-all right,” she gulped. “Just don’t hurt me.”
The man unzipped his pants. The sound was loud in the quiet room.
He took out a long, thick cock which under other circumstances would
have impressed her, but now Emily only looked at it anxiously.
“Suck,” he ordered, stepping forward.
Emily leaned forward, her arms pulling instinctively against the
metal binding them back, then wrapped her lips around the thick head of
the man’s cock. He thrust forward and she gagged, almost choking as he
pushed it deep into the back of her mouth, almost into her throat. She
tried to twist away and he gripped her head in big hands, thrusting in
and out, fucking her face as she gagged and choked and tried to beg him
to stop.
He pulled back and she coughed and gasped deeply.
“Suck,” he ordered.
She sucked, working her tongue frantically along the underside of
the head, bobbing her lips up and down as he stood still, arms folded
across his chest. He turned, and she shifted on her knees to stay with
him, so the light was now to her left. She continued to suck, to ride
the shaft up and down as he looked down at her, hoping to make him happy.
He reached down with his big hands again, stroking his fingers
through her silken hair, then began to pump again, forcing the thing in
and out of her straining lips, threatening to gag her as he pushed it
deep again and again. Her body trembled and shook as she gurgled and
gagged, and then he thrust especially hard and his cock pushed into her
Her soft brown eyes bulged and she twisted and shook, but could do
nothing to pull back as he forced the thick cock further and further
down her slender throat, pulling her head forward, grinding her face
against his groin as he buried the whole long length of his prick inside
He held her in place as she trembled and shook and thrashed, as the
pounding in her head grew worse and her chest began to burn from lack of
oxygen, then he slowly pulled back out. She almost vomited, but
restrained herself, gasping and choking and coughing violently as his
cock came out of her mouth.
“You’re not that good a cock sucker,” the voice said. “You’ll have
to learn to do better.”
The cock plunged into her open mouth again and she had only an
instant to gulp in air before it was rammed down her throat with painful
force, blocking her scream an instant before it began. He held her head
in his hands as he thrust in and out, fucking her, the cock sawing back
and forth between her lips and over her tongue, pumping up and down
inside her aching throat.
Her face was rammed into his belly again and again, and as she grew
faint from lack of air her vision began to blur.
The cock was pulled free and again she coughed and gulped in air
desperately, gagging and choking, and sobbing weakly “Please, please,
please,” she gasped breathlessly, her voice ragged.
“How many men have you sucked?” the voice asked.
She could barely talk, too busy gulping in air. She cried out as he
twisted her hair back.
“I asked a question.
“I-I don’t know!” she wailed.
“How many this year? Think!”
He shook her by the hair and she cried out in pain.
“How many!?”
“Twenty!? Maybe?!”
“Twenty. It’s only February,” the voice said in amusement. “And
none of them complained about how lousy you were at sucking cocks?”
She shook her head dazedly.
“Answer aloud.”
“N-No,” she whimpered.
“Who were they? Give me their names.”
Dazedly, she rhymed off a string of stars and rockers, still
blinking into the bright spotlight beaming down at her. There was
something about that spotlight - .
He pulled her mouth onto his cock again and once more forced his
prick down into her throat, pumping cruelly in and out, jerking her face
into his groin again and again until she was dazed and her eyes were blurry.
He pulled out and she almost fainted, but the harsh pull against
her hair made her scream and brought her back to full consciousness.
“All those famous guys and none of them showed you how you should
suck a cock,” the voice said.
She was pulled to her feet. Even standing, her head was only at the
level of the man’s chest. He pulled her into the room, and now she
realized as he moved aside, the the other man was holding not just a
spotlight but a camera, a video camera. She gasped and tried to twist
aside but got a sharp slap to her small, plump bottom that made her
squeal in pain.
“You have nothing to hide from your fans, Emily,” the voice said.
He was behind her now, pinning her against his body as the camera
stared at her from only a few feet away. She stared back at it, terrified.
“Your fans want to see you,” he said.
His hands came around her and up beneath her breasts, lifting and
cupping them, squeezing them and pushing them together.
“They want to see your lovely tits. You show them to so many
people, Emily, but not to your fans.”
And then he had something in his hands, a chain. He squeezed her
left breast and pinched her nipple, then squeezed at the flesh around
her areola and held the end of hte chain to her nipple. She realized
that there was a little jaw, a clamp, on the end of the chain, and cried
out in pain as it snapped closed on her nipple.
“Oww! Oww! Please! Oww! It hurts! It hurts! Take it off!” she
cried, twisting and pulling against him, her eyes tearing.
“You have to be punished, Emily,” the voice said.
He squeezed her other breast, and she cried out, begging him to
stop, but it was no use, and she screamed anew, her bare feet pawing at
the rug as the pain from her right nipple burned into her. Both nipples
were on fire now, and her head shook from side to side as she tried to
fight off the pain.
He released her, but held onto the chain, and pulled it away from
her. It tore at her nipples, stretching them, and she screamed again,
forced to rush forward, to loosen the pull. He led her across the room
to a low, narrow table. The table was an antique, made of polished
walnut, and he leaned her over it, pulling on the chain, raising it up
and then sliding his hand between her thighs to cup her pussy and half
lift her up.
He ignored her scream of pain as he slipped the chain over a hook
which had been placed in her wall, then released her, standing back.
Emily was left on her toes, leaning forward to ease the strain on
her nipples, gasping and whimpering and moaning in dazed confusion and
incomprehension. They were hurting her. Men never hurt her. Never! All
they ever wanted to do was feel her up and fuck her, not hurt her. She
was bewildered and beginning to panic.
One of the men moved behind her, and her head whipped around
desperately as she panted for breath.
“Wh-what are you doing?” she whimpered.
“I’m going to punish you, Emily,” he said.
“But I did what you wanted,” she said with a whimper.
“You still have to be punished. You’re a whore, after all.”
She blinked around at him, confused. “I’m sorry,” she whined.
“You will be more sorry.”
He had something in his hand, a long, thin switch of some kind. He
swung his arm fast and it hissed as it cut through the air.
He stood behind her and to one side, and the man with the camera
changed positions. Emily moaned and turned her head to the right, then
the left, trying to see them both.
“Please,” she whimpered.
The man swung, and the switch cut through the air, then cracked
across her upraised bottom. Emily screamed in pain, jerking against the
table, then screamed again as her movements pulled her nipples against
the hook and her pinched nipples stretched painfully out.
“Please don’t hurt me!” she cried, panicked.
The switch hissed again, and once more cracked across her bottom.
She screamed a second time, then burst into tears. A scream from her
sobs as the switch slashed across her bottom a third time, then a
fourth, then a fifth.
Her bottom was small but quite pleasingly shaped. She worked out,
and she was in excellent shape. Her bottom was raised and positioned
perfectly to take the blows, and the switching continued as she sobbed
miserably and trembled in fear and pain.
He stopped suddenly, and jerked her head back by the hair.
“Emily. Do you hear me, Emily? Do you want me to stop switching you?”
“Y-YYesss,” she wailed.
“Ten we’ll have to do something else instead. He ran his hands
lightly over her aching bottom, then fingered her small wrinkled anal
“Have you ever been fucked in the ass, Emily?”
She whimpered and sobbed and he twisted her hair painfully.
“Have you?”
“Y-Y-Yesss,” she sobbed.
“Of course you have,” he said. “A whore like you. Would you like me
to fuck you in the ass, Emily? Or would you rather I continue with your
“F-F-Fu-fuck me,” she sobbed.
“You have to say it out loud, Emily.”
“Fu-fuck mee!” she moaned.
“No, Emily, you have to beg me to fuck you in the ass. And you have
to make it sound like you mean it. Pretend you’re making a movie, Emily.
Beg me to fuck you in the ass, beg me like you really, really mean it.
Otherwise, I’m going to resume your switching.”
“P-Please fuck me in the ass!” she gasped. “Please fuck me in the ass!”
“Not good enough,” he snapped. “I’ll give you one more try. Take
two. Make me think you really want my cock up in your asshole, Emily.
Make me think you’re desperate to feel my cock deep inside you!”
Emily did not pause to think things through. Dazed, still somewhat
drunk, and desperate, she threw everything she had into the plea.
“Oh please fuck my ass!” she gasped. “I need your cock in my
asshole! I want you to fuck my ass deep! I love being fucked in the ass!
I really need a cock up my ass!! Oh please! Please!”
“Much better,” he said, stroking her head.
He positioned his cock at her anal opening and pushed forward.
“Ungh,” she gasped. “I-I have some...some lube... ow! Please I -
Oww! You - you’re hurting me!”
He thrust forward hard, and Emily cried out in pain as his thick
cock forced its way into her rectum. She had indeed been sodomized many
times before by jaded stars who demanded it of her, but she had never
really liked it. And that was with lubrication and men who were being
reasonably careful not to hurt her. Now as the man behind thrust his
cock into her hard her insides began to burn with a terrible pain.
“Oww! Oww! Oh please! Not so fast! Please!”
He thrust in and she cried out again, his cock spearing her,
thrusting its way through the tight folds of her anus, impaling her as
he spiked it up painfully deep and mercilessly fast. She began to sob
again, crying out in pain with each cruel thrust of the big cock into
her tiny bottom.
Her legs grew rubbery. Her feet ached, for she had been almost on
her toes since he had placed her against the table. She felt faint, but
the pain was keeping her conscious, conscious and sobbing and crying out
in pain as he rammed his cock deep into her slight young body and ground
his pelvis against the soft flesh of her buttocks.
“Ahh, you have a nice, tight ass, Emily Dewer,” he growled.
He yanked her head back and bit savagely at the side of her throat,
then began to grind his pelvis against her bottom, twisting his big cock
around inside her aching belly.
“You should have let your fans know how tight your ass hole was,”
he said. “Your fans deserve to know these things.”
His cock felt enormous inside her, twisting and tearing at her
vitals, and then he drew it back a little, and thrust deeply again so
that cramps rippled through her belly. He drew back further, and thrust
in hard, rocking the table against the wall.
He began to pump, forcing his cock up and down her tight, burning
tube, battering away at her sphincter and ramming hard and fast until
she was numbed and he could pound his cock without restraint. Now the
table hammered against the wall with each thrust, and she grunted and
gasped and moaned each time he drove his thick cock up into her rectum.
His movements were jerking her back and forth, pulling her nipples
against the tight clamps so that she was being stung repeatedly, her
nipples red, swollen and aching. Tears trickled down her cheeks as she
endured the hard, brutal use, praying for it to soon be over, and trying
not to think about the man with the camera recording it all, and what
would be done with the video.
His hands came down the front of her belly and squeezed her pussy,
then pried her thighs further apart. She whined in pain, forced onto the
very tips of her toes now to keep the pressure on her nipples from
growing unbearable. Each hard thrust sent his thick cock spearing up
into her anus, where it punched into some part of her deep inside with
bruising, cramping force.
She cried out as he gripped her hair and tore her head back,
sobbing as her body shook and jerked and trembled to the force of his
hard thrusting. Then, with no warning, he halted, gasping, and she knew
from the feel of his rapidly softening cock that he had come inside her.
She moaned in relief, panting for breath as he eased back, drawing her
trembling legs back together to ease the pull on her nipples.
She was left like that for a moment, then the man reached out and
removed the clips from her nipples. That hurt - a lort, and she yelped
and moaned and sobbed and danced wildly as the pain spread through her
aching breasts and then slowly began to fade.
The man released the metal bands from her arms and she groaned in
relief as she was able to straighten her shoulders.
“Feel better now?”
“Yes” she sniffled.
“Blow your nose.”
He handed her a tissue box and she took several and blew her nose.
“Now come into the bathroom and wipe your face.”
He took her arm and led her to the bathroom door, kicking it open
so that she squeaked in shock, then led her into her bathroom and over
to the sink. He turned on the water and wet a small towel, then wiped
her face as she stood blinking and sniffling.
“Feel better?”
“Yes, thank you,” she said in a small voice.
Her arms were folded across her chest and he slapped them down.
“Don’t try to hide the things your fans want to see,” he ordered.
“I’m sorry,” she said fearfully
“Now, before we leave, you’re going to do a couple of scenes for us.”
“Sure. Of course,” she said nervously.
He took her hand led her back into the bedroom, then over to her
big bed. He turned on the lights next to it and threw back the covers.
Emily looked at him anxiously.
“Emily, I’m sure a slutty little whore like you has some sex toys.
Where do you keep them?”
She looked at him with large eyes.
“If I have to look at them I’ll get very upset.”
She blushed and pointed at her night table. He nodded and pulled
open the top drawer, then drew out a large vibrator and an even larger
“So much for such a little girl,” he said. “Okay, get in the bed.”
She obeyed, sitting on the edge of the bed. He sat next to her and
slid the two sex toys under her pillow.
“Now, Emily, the sooner we get this done the sooner we can leave.”
“Wh-what do you want me to do?” she asked worriedly.
“You’re going to lay in bed there and masturbate.”
She blanched.
“You’re going to run your hands slowly and seductively over your
lovely young body, caress your breasts, arching your back, wriggling
attractively. You know what I mean. Then you’re going to start rubbing
your clit, and pumping your fingers in and out of your pussy. When I
hold up my hands you reach back for the dildo and start using it. I want
you to push it deep and pump it in and out using long strokes. Then you
stick it in and get the vibrator and start using that. When I put up my
hand again, take the dildo out of your pussy and shove it up your
buttery little ass, then pump the vibrator in your pussy. You got all that?”
She stared at him in disbelief.
“I asked you a question.”
“I can’t do that!”
His hand immediately came up and encircled her slender throat,
squeezing hard. She gurgled, her small hands coming up and grasping
weakly at his wrist.
“I think I heard you say no. I’m sure I was mistaken, however,
because you wouldn’t be stupid enough to refuse my orders. You know
better than that, don’t you? And you know we aren’t leaving until this
scene is done right. Don’t you? Or do you want more pain/? I can hurt
you in a lot of ways, little girl.”
All the while he spoke his big hand was squeezing her throat and
her face was turning red. Now it began to turn white, her eyes bulging
as she writhed and shook.
“You’re going to do as you’re told, aren’t you, little girl?”
She tried to nod her head, but only managed to jerk her chin a
little. It was enough and he let go. She gasped for breath, holding her
aching throat as he petted her head and pulled the hair back from her
“Now remember, I want you to look hot, to look aroused, to look
incredibly horny. That shouldn’t be hard for you since you’re such a
horny little slut.”
With her breath recovered she lay back in the bed as he had
ordered, and then, heard pounding, she began to run her hands slowly
over her body.
“Just pretend it’s a scene in a movie,” he said. “You know how to
act. Act.”
It was good advice, even if it did come from him, and she braced
herself and then began to act. She was a very good actress, and was soon
writhing slowly in the bed, gasping, panting, moaning softly as she
fingered her clit and squeezed her breasts. It was, she thought dazedly,
like making a porno movie. She’d often dreamed about making a porno
movie. They were so badly made, after all, with such terrible actresses
and dialogue.
Eager for them to leave, she threw herself into the role, and was
shocked to find herself growing aroused as she fingered her clit and
pumped her fingers into her pussy. But then, she was often aroused at
the most uncomfortable times. Still, it would be helpful now, and she
used it to help make her performance that much more convincing.
He had to wave at her to get her attention when it was time and her
stomach twisted anxiously as she reached back and took the big dildo
from behind her pillow. She licked at it, caressed it with her tongue,
then began to bob her lips up and down its length, moaning softly. She
slid it down between her legs and pushed it into her body, just dipping
it in at first, then pushing deeper and deeper, gasping in genuine
arousal at the feel of the toy thrust into her sex.
Then came the vibrator. She played it over her clit, gasping at the
intensity of the sensations, arching her back and grinding her hips. The
orgasm arrived suddenly, rushing at her like a freight train. She didn’t
try to hide it. They would think it an act anyway. She arched her back
violently, gasping, her legs spread, thighs straining, the air puffing
out between her lips. Her head rolled slowly from side to side and she
pumped the dildo desperately and deeply inside her as the orgasm rolled
over her.
She sagged, then, slumped, panting for breath. Immediately she felt
ashamed of herself, yet at the same time oddly pleased. It would be a
great performance, very realistic, far better than those stupid sluts in
the porn movies. She left the dildo inside her and gently caressed her
body, fingering her erect nipples and kneading her breasts.
She eased the dildo out of her pussy and drew her knees up and
back, then pressed it against her anus. She could smell the musky scent
of her warm, moist pussy as she peered down between her thighs, working
the dildo into her anus. She was sore there from the violent sodomy the
man had performed on her, and fought to keep from wincing as she pushed
the thing deeper and deeper. She knew without asking that they would
demand a deep insertion, and rubbed at her clit to distract herself as
she pumped it in and out.
Soon she had it all but buried in her rectum, and began to use the
vibrator, teasing her clit, and pumping it in and out of her pussy.
She was surprised, but not very surprised to see the man coming
towards her, to see that he was naked and had an erection. Playing with
herself had begun to arouse her body again, and the sight of his
erection gave her a little shiver of excitement even amidst the anxiety
and fear gripping her. She gasped softly to see his face, for it was
covered in a black mask which made him look quite menacing.
He moved to stand next to the bed, gesturing her, and she slid over
towards him, then, the dildo still deep in her anus and thrusting the
vibrator up into her pussy, she slid to the edge of the bed.
He gripped her arm and she gasped as he pulled her into a sitting
position. The dildo and vibrator were thrust even deeper inside her, and
ached, but it was a hot, sensual ache, and she endured it as she reached
for the man’s cock and took it into her mouth. She immediately
remembered the last man, and fear took her as she looked up at him,
frightened he would thrust it down her throat.
But he merely stayed in place, letting her work on it, and to
encourage him to continue she worked hard at pleasing him, mouthing and
sucking his balls, kissing and mouthing the shaft, then taking it as
deep into her mouth as she could without gagging, massing his balls with
her hands while she sucked.
He pulled her away and gripped her arm, twisting her over. She
understood and knelt on the edge of the bed, facing away from him, her
knees on the very edge, legs spread, bottom raised. A tingle of
excitement moved up her spine as she felt his hands move over her
bottom, felt his finger trace a line down between her buttocks, probing
lightly at the dildo in her anus, and then begin to pump the vibrator.
He thrust it deep several times then pulled it free, and then entered her.
She sighed softly as he filled her, feeling, as she always did, the
delicious sense of primal sexual hunger as she was mounted, as his hands
dug into her flanks and began to pump back and forth through the taut
lips of her sex. Her breasts swung lightly back and forth as she swayed
to the movements of his strokes, and the heat inside her grew. She knew
it was wrong, that she should be as cold as stone with the bastards who
were abusing her, but her body had never been able to resist a stiff cock.
She saw the other man moving around with the camera, taking shots
of her from different angles. Anxiety filled her, because she had no
idea what he was going to do with the video, but at the same time she
thought it was very hot. She had always wanted to do a nasty, dirty
video, but had always been too afraid of it getting out, like those
Pamela Anderson videos. Now she thought of people all over the world
buying videos of her at porn shops and suddenly she felt a deep,
ravenous hunger.
Her breathing grew rougher and she thrust herself back, rolling her
bottom, gasping and grunting each time his hips smacked into her.
And then, suddenly, the other man was there, kneeling on the bed in
front of her, and she took his cock into her mouth and felt a wave of
excitement at doing two men at once, something she only rarely got a
chance to experience due to the squeamishness of her dates. She sucked
hungrily, moaning and gasping as the other man fucked her, not even
gagging much when the man in front thrust his cock deep into her mouth.
He pushed hard and she jerked and shuddered as he went down her
throat, but her blood was on fire with lust now and she took it without
protest, her fingers digging into the sheets below as he pressed his
balls against her chin and mashed her nose against his pelvis.
He pumped in and out, fucking her throat, and as uncomfortable as
that was her body still burned with a nearly feverish sexual intensity
at the thought of being taken by two men at once, one of them pushing
himself right down her throat!
The man behind gasped and came, softening inside her, but picked up
the vibrator and used it on her so that she ground and rolled and bucked
her hips even more strongly.
The man in front pulled out suddenly and, holding his cock, sprayed
himself over her face. That was a surprise to her. No one had ever done
that to her before, and at first she was too startled to react. Then she
felt wickedly hot and slutty and licked at it as she came on the
vibrator behind her, grunting and gasping for breath and thrusting
herself back desperately.
She came a second time, crying out softly, making soft, high
pitched little animal noises, her eyes closed, jaw wide, grinding her
bottom back onto the vibrator as the man there ground it across her clit.
Then the orgasm faded and she collapsed on the bed, gasping, as the
men moved together and spoke. She hoped they would leave now, for as the
sexual hunger dissipated she felt ashamed and embarrassed at degrading
herself, and more and more fearful about what they intended to do with
the video tape.
“One more thing before we go,” one of them said.
She sighed unhappily.
“We want you to dance for us.”
She stared at him in confusion. “Dance?”
“We want you to do a sexy strip tease.”
She made a face, but they pulled her out of bed, had her dress in
her sexiest lingerie, and a sexy, lacy dress, and then, to music they
had brought, she had to strip, several times in fact, while they
choreographed it. She thought the strip very clichéd, involving her
swinging around a pole – in this case one of the tall bedposts,
spreading her legs a lot, rolling her hips, and tossing her head. But at
least it was over and they seemed satisfied.
“Okay,” one said. “Time to go.”
“Yup. Time to leave,” the other agreed.
Emily pursed her lips, afraid to show the relief she felt.
“Come here, Emily.”
She stepped forward warily and the man who had called turned her
around, and to her surprise drew her arms back behind her and put the
metal bands around her wrists again.
“You don’t have to tie me up,” she said in a quavering voice. “I
won’t tell anyone.”
“I’m sure you won’t,” one of them said.
“Oooh,” she moaned, as her arms were forced farther and farther
back and the metal bands went around them just below the elbows. “That
“We know.”
“But... but I thought you were leaving!”
“We are leaving. All of us are leaving.”
She gasped in understanding and one of them pushed something
against her mouth.
“Open your mouth,” he ordered.
She obeyed, her mind still trying to cope with the sudden shock of
understanding that they were taking her with them, and he ordered her to
open wider, and then wider still as he forced a thick rubber ball kind
of thing into her mouth. The ball filled her mouth completely and
squeezed her tongue down. It held her mouth and lips wide, sticking out
a little way, and had a narrow leather cord which wound behind her head
and fastened in place..
A moment later the chain with the clips was placed on her swollen,
sensitive, still sore nipples, and tears filled her eyes as the pain
burned into her body. She danced from foot to foot, moaning into the gag
as the men gathered their things and turned for the door. One held the
chain, pulling her along behind, and she moaned anxiously, scurrying
after, out into the hall, down the hall, and then following them down
the stairs to and through the house.
They opened the side door and she saw there was a van parked by her
garage. She shivered as they led her out into the night and her bare
feet danced on the cold concrete. She moaned and shook her head
frantically but they ignored her, and the pull on her nipples would not
allow her to resist their pull as they walked towards the van.
She looked around wildly, but the tall hedges around her house hid
them from the view of her neighbours as they packed their things into
the van and then lifted her in behind them. They laid her down on the
dirty floor of the van, and one of the men returned to the house to lock
up, then they drove out onto the quiet road,

From the ebook: Scream, by Argus
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