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Strictest Bondage:
Bondage Stories
Strictest Bondage, The

Susan's Story -- Part I: Immobility

The following is a letter written by Susan at my
request. Susan is a very real person and a sweet girl, and
I have placed her in enough strict bondage to knew full well
just how much she loves it. I have cleaned up the spelling
and grammar a bit but other than that this is Susan's story.
I hope you enjoy it.

John Savage

Dear People,

My name is Susan and I was asked by John Savage if I
would write to you and tell something about the way I enjoy
being tied up. I understand you are interested in
submissive females. I guess I qualify as one. I'm female
and I love to be tied up. Maybe that sounds strange but I
like it. I'm not sure I can explain why but I do and that's
all that I care about.

My first heavy bondage experiences came when I was a
college student, a junior majoring in English, and living in
the dorms on campus. My roommate, Nancy, understood my love
of bondage and tied me up when we could get away with it. A
dorm room isn't always the most private of places so we
worked it out that she only tied me up after most everyone
had gone to bed and we weren't likely to get visitors or on
a weekend when a lot of the students go home. We were
planning to get an apartment as soon as we could, but at
that time we lived in the dorm.

Nancy and I got to talking at the beginning of the year
about sex and it sort of came out that I feel real sexually
excited when I'm tied up. I thought she would laugh but
instead she said that she understood and would help me if I
wanted. We got some rope from a hardware store and began
experimenting. We did it at night with the lights out. I
would light a small candle so we had some light. Usually I
wore my panties only. At first I used to wear a bathing
suit or my panties and bra. But after a while I got to
wearing only a pair of panties and sometimes Nancy would
tease my nipples after she'd made me all helpless. But
that's all she did. She's not lesbian and I didn't mind. I
think back and am sure it would have been fun if she were,
but back then I was so happy being well bound that I didn't
mind the lack of other sexual attention.

Anyway, we got to playing around. At first she wasn't
too good at tying me. I'm kind of strong for a girl, and
the first few times I could get out easily. But Nancy
learned that I don't mind being tied real tight. She also
learned that I'm serious about being tied. I want it for
real. I mean, if I can get undone, what's the use of being
tied? So she got good at tying me until she tied real tight
and I never got free, no matter how long I struggled.

We found that what worked best was to tie me and leave
me tied for long periods. Since she didn't have sex with
me, all the pleasure I got is from being tied. And I like
being tied up for long times, sometimes hours. I have
rather good circulation and can stand being tied for a very
long time. Nancy knew that and wasn't afraid that she'd
hurt me or anything.

Usually I got tied at night. Since we didn't stay up
real late but didn't dare get me tied until after about ten
or so, we didn't have much time. I mean, both of us would
have been terribly embarrassed if someone were to come by to
visit and find me tied, nearly naked, to a chair in the
middle of the room. Nancy wouldn't have liked it either and
would probably never have tied me again. We turned out the
lights and I lit the small candle on my desk. We made sure
the door was locked and even put a piece of cloth along the
bottom so that not even the candle light showed out. Then I
took off my clothes down to the panties. Usually Nancy
would ask me how I wanted to be tied. My favorite ways are
what they call a hog tie and being tied to something real
solid. I wished we had had a big, round wooden post in the
middle of our room but we didn't. Usually I got tied on my
bed but sometimes to the chair. I liked to struggle and
that's why I liked to be tied to something solid, so I
couldn't move much and couldn't make noise. One of the best
ways we found was for Nancy to tie my arms behind my back.
She used the clothesline we bought and I hid in my suitcase.
She pulled my arms together real tight, even making my
elbows touch behind my back. She always tied the knots up
by my elbows, where my fingers couldn't reach them.

After my arms are tied real tight I sat down in the
chair. We had metal chairs and they're pretty strong. I
put my arms over the back of the chair and Nancy tied a rope
around my waist and the chair back. Then she tied my left
ankle to the left back chair leg. Then my right ankle to
the right chair leg in the back. She tied the ankles up
near the seat so that my legs are bent double and really
forced up. She tied them to the back of the chair so they
couldn't slide down the metal chair leg. I had to spread my
legs real wide but that's okay. Then she tied a rope from
my wrists down under the chair and up the front. She pulled
that rope through the rope around my waist and back down to
my wrists again. Then back up to my waist where she tied
it. That pulled my arms down and prevented me from moving
them from side to side or reaching for any of the knots on
my ankles. It also sort of locked my body against the chair back.

After all that she was usually finished. I was tied up
pretty good and couldn't move much. My legs couldn't move
at all because of the way they were bent and tied to the
back legs of the chair. My arms couldn't move and my back
was held against the back of the chair. About the only
things I could move were my head and feet and my fingers.
It's a real way to be tied, let me tell you! I remember
that I began to feel helpless when she brought my first leg
up and tied the ankle. By the time she was finished, I was
feeling real helpless and kind of tingling inside.

Oh, I'll have to tell you about the time we tried to
make me completely immobile. Nancy tied me just as I've
described but before she tied my hands behind me, we wrapped
my hands with tape. I made each hand into a fist and she
wrapped what is called strapping tape around and around my
hands until there was no way I could open my fists. Then,
after she tied my arms with the elbows touching, she wrapped
more tape around both hands, taping the fists together. I
couldn't even wiggle my fingers! Then, after I was tied to
the chair in the usual fashion, she tied some cord around my
big toes and pulled it back up to my elbows. Can you imagine
what I'm saying? First off, my feet were pulled back and
tied to the chair legs so that the bottoms of my feet were
pointed back and sort of up. Then she tied my big toes up
towards my elbows so that I had to bend my feet into an arch
that was downright painful. But it keep my feet from
moving. I couldn't unbend my feet at all and since the big
toes were pulled inward as well as up, I couldn't even move
them from side to side.

Then there came my head. Normally I could move my head
around. Didn't do me any good but I could move it. But
that one night we were going to try and make it so I
couldn't move at all and we had to do something about the
head. Nancy had a piece of round wood that we had screwed
two metal rings into the ends of. She put that in my mouth
and tied cord to the two rings at the ends. I'm sure you
can guess what came next. Those cords went down to my
elbows and were pulled until my head was forced back. I had
to look up at the ceiling. It held my head from moving
forward or backward. But we discovered that I could still
shake my head somewhat from side to side. For a while it
looked like there was nothing that we could do but Nancy
came up with an idea.

I have pierced ears. Nancy just put on me a pair of my
earrings that are nothing more than gold hoops. Then she
tied a piece of cord to one earring and stretched it across
the room to my desk where she tied it to one of the desk
legs. The other earring she tied cross the room to a leg of
her bed. She pulled both cords pretty hard until my ears
were being pulled away from my head and hurt. But it
worked! I couldn't shake my head from side to side because
I would probably rip the flesh of my ear.

So there I was. My body was completely unmoving and
unmovable. I couldn't talk with that wood in my mouth so I
was gagged. I really felt helpless. Nancy tickled me for a
while. That may not sound like much, but under the
condition my poor body was in, it was torture! She even
tickled my breasts a bit and I loved that. Then she left me
alone. And I mean alone! She actually left the room with
me sitting there all helpless and hurting. It was wonderful
and terrible at the same time! I could feel myself getting
all hot and excited inside but couldn't do a thing. Usually
I can struggle some and, if Nancy was kind when she tied me,
sometimes rub my private parts against something to get
sexual satisfaction. But that night I couldn't move a thing
and it was terrible. I was horny as hell but couldn't do a
thing about it. I wish I could say that I managed a climax
just from the terrible helplessness but I didn't. I need
some contact with my private part. It doesn't have to be
much but it should be something.

When Nancy came back I was terribly frustrated and
hurting. Of course, I was also exactly as she left me.
After she untied me (about an hour total time from the
moment she put the last knot in place to the time she
started to untie me), I threw myself on my bed and
masturbated like crazy. I didn't even care if Nancy saw me
doing it.

But we did that only once. Nancy agreed that we should
try it again only this time go for two hours instead of one.
She figured (and I was forced to agree) that if she just
leaves me alone I'll have to set a new time record of two
hours. Or three hours. Or whatever she wanted!

Well, that explains about the time we tried to make me
completely immobile. I know it isn't the same reading about
it as living it but I hope you enjoyed my story as much as
I've enjoyed writing it for you. It sure brought back
memories for me!

Yours, Susan

Susan's Story -- Part II: The Hogtie

The following is another story related to me by Susan,
a real girl who has lived more bondage experiences than most
people fantasize about. She loves bondage and has been tied
up more than anyone else I can think of. And I should know,
it has been my ropes around her many times. Here she tells
us more about her college days and an interesting hogtie.
John Savage

My name is Susan and John insisted I write down some
more about my experiences. He promised that he would reward
me with a nice tight hogtie while he read my letter and
typed it into his computer. And that reminded me of an
interesting afternoon I once spent in a hogtie.

If you read my first letter, you know that my first
heavy bondage experiences came when I was a college student,
at the hands of my roommate, Nancy. She was a delightful
girl to have a as a friend and understood my love of bondage
completely. She used to find the damnest ways for me to be
tied up, usually in our dorm room and apartment but also all
over the campus.

Being that helpless is nice and one of the best ways to
be tied is the hogtie. Generally Nancy hogtied me on the
bed. That worked like this. I got undressed. She tied my
arms behind me with the elbows touching. Then I sat on the
edge of the bed while she tied my ankles and above my knees.
Then I rolled onto the middle of the bed on my stomach. She
tied my ankles up to my wrists until they are touching, that
is, my fingers are spread wide and my palms pressed against
the backs of my ankles. But that wasn't all. Then she tied
a rope from my knees down the end of the bed and to the
rails underneath. Then she tied a loop of rope around my
neck and down the top of the bed. Those two ropes kept me
stretched out and from struggling too much. If I struggled
from side to side, the rope around my neck tightened.

That type of hogtie isn't too bad. I can take it for
hours on end. But the longest time was one Sunday. It was
a holiday weekend and the dorms were pretty empty. Nancy
was going out on a date that day and would be gone all
afternoon. I asked her to tie me while she was gone. I
expected to be just tied arms behind me and legs together
like we often did when she left me tied all night. But
instead she ordered me to strip naked, I mean completely
naked, and then she hogtied me. It was a good hogtie, the
elbows were touching and my hands were tight against my
ankles. Even my knees were tight together. Then she
surprised me. I had thought she was going to leave me on
the bed. I was pretty sure she wouldn't put a rope around
my neck, we didn't do that when she left me alone. But she
rolled me onto the floor and I found myself laying on my
stomach on the rough carpet. Then she rocked me back and
forth and sort of pulled me until she had me over to the
closet. She took out all the shoes and rocked me into the
place under the clothes pole. She took my clothes off the
pole and put them on my bed. I could look up and see the
wooden pole and knew what she was going to do. I was scared
but excited! How can I describe the terror and wonder and
excitement at the thought of being made so extremely
helpless and left alone?

Nancy took a piece of rope and tied it to my elbow
bondage. She knotted it several times firmly then ran it up
to the pole over me and back down to the elbows. There she
pulled until I could feel my elbows being pulled slightly
up. Then she knotted the rope several more times and left
me. A little experimentation showed me how helpless I was.
I could struggled. I could even rock from side to side a
bit. But I couldn't roll over on my side and I couldn't
crawl (a nearly impossible thing when hogtied like that
anyway). I couldn't move more than an inch or so in any
direction before that rope connecting my elbows to the pole
stopped me. I was so deliciously helpless!

I struggled. Then I rested. Then I struggled again.
They were serious struggles. I can't just pretend. When I
struggle I really try to get free with all my might. But I
was helpless. I figured later that she left me about eleven
in the morning. She didn't come home from her date until
well after dinner, about nine that night -- ten hours in a
helpless hogtie!

I was exhausted when she opened the door and turned on
the light. I was in pain. I had also experienced about a
dozen orgasms, entirely from struggling against the ropes
and rubbing my breasts and pussy against the rough carpet.
Nancy told me that her date wanted her to spend the night at
his apartment and she was going to but that she told him she
had to pick up some things back at her dorm room. She said
she didn't think it would have been good to leave me all day
and then all night. She untied me, grabbed a change of
underwear and left. I was a naked, exhausted, pile of flesh
and rope on the floor. But I was happy.

I don't mean to say I was excited and turned on and
enjoying every minute of it. Far from it! There were times
during that ten hours and in bondage since when I truly
wished I were free. There was pain, real pain. My
shoulders hurt so much that I could hardly bring my arms
around in front of my body when she untied me. There were
many times (between orgasms) when I cursed myself for every
letting such things happen to me.

But I still go back and ask again. And come up with
even wilder, more cruel, heavier bondage for Nancy or anyone
to put me in. Does that make sense? I don't think so but I
also don't care. I know what I like. I know what I need.

Hanging Upside Down and the Feather
an excerpt from "Dragon's Lair"
a novel by John Savage

Close call, she told herself. "Young Reporter Becomes
White Slave," was almost the headline. After her pulse
slowed to somewhere close to normal, Lynn went the the
center of the room where the redhead had so recently been
fixed. Fascinated, she stared at the hanging chain and the
wooden triangle. So simple, yet so effective at causing
discomfort and pain. She put one foot on the wooden
triangle and reached up to grab the hanging chain with one
hand. Her other hand reached behind her and grabbed her
right foot as it bend back and up.

Even through the rubber soles of her shoes she could
feel the sharp edge. For a minute she held the position,
noting the stress on her right thigh, wondering what it
would be like to have to stand there, to really have one
wrist handcuffed to the chain and the other wrist
handcuffed to the opposite ankle behind her back, not just
playing make-believe like now. And to stand for an hour,
alone, held by cruel, heartless metal, muscles aching. Then
a second hour. Would a third be possible? Would she have
any choice? Of course not. She would stand and stand and
stand until some other individual, some savior, came to free
her from the clutch of hard metal.

Lynn let go and dropped her leg. She shook her head.
Three hours that girl had been left in this tortous position!
The word agony came to her mind.

She left the room to find the hallway empty. For a
second Lynn considered getting out of there as fast as she
could. One good scare should be enough to teach any
reasonable young girl a lesson. But she was a reporter and
never claimed to be reasonable. Her consideration of escape
lasted only long enough for her to realize that there were
major elements still missing from her story. Like who the
white slavers were and where they got their girls from. And
where did they send them to?

The next door led to another small room. In the center
was a single metal pole coming up from the floor and ending
a little over three feet later. It was topped with a huge
rubber penis. There were two small rings attached to the
base of the pole. It didn't take Lynn long to figure out
that a girl could be made to straddle that dildoe, to be
lowered onto it until it was up inside her.... If her
ankles were tied to those rings... Well, the girl wouldn't
be walking away, that was for sure.

Lynn stood by the pole and measured it against her
body. She would have to stand on her toes but it wouldn't
be too bad. If her hands were tied behind her and her
ankles secured to those rings... Lynn shuddered a little at
the thought. She would be very helpless, unable to step off
that upthrusting pole. And that huge dildoe, molded into a
good likeness of a male organ, would certainly fill up her
pussy, fill it like no human penis had ever done. Lynn was
no virgin but not a prostitute either. She had seen a few
male rods, but never one quite like this. It wasn't the
length so much as it was the width. It would certain make
her feel filled. And, unlike its human model, this penis
would never go limp.

Lynn sighed. There had been a few times where the
human flesh had been a little weak and Lynn had lost out on
some good love-making just when she was most ready for it.
Those times she would have wished her lover had the
staying-power of this rubber monster.

Tearing herself away from that line of thinking, Lynn,
checked the hallway and went out the door.

The next door was a the end of the hallway and didn't
open into another torture room as she had expected it to.
Instead it revealed an observation room. There was four
empty, comfortable chairs, leather covered and very plush.
The chairs faced three large windows set into an otherwise
blank wall. The arrangement allowed a person to sit in any
of the chairs and view what was going on in any of three
rooms on the other side of those window. And there was
certainly activities going on to watch.

Lynn's first reaction was to retreat before anyone on
the other side of the glass saw there. But before she
turned to go something caught her attention. Each of the
three rooms revealed seemed dark, darker than they should be
if one allowed for the normal levels of light the humans
liked. Then it dawned on her; these were one-way mirrors!
She could see easily into the other rooms, but they would
see only a mirror even if they looked directly at her.

Assured of concealment for the present, Lynn approached
the first window on the left. There were two girls in that
room, and Lynn had trouble believing what they were doing.
One of the girls was of Mexican ancestry. Her hair was long
and shiny black and her skin was chocolate. Because she was
naked, Lynn could see that she had the large breasts and
muscular legs of many of the young Mexican girls. Lynn
guessed her age at no more than nineteen.

The other girl was kind of plain, a mousy looking woman
in her mid-twenties, her hair halfway between brown and
blonde, her figure slender but not remarkable. She was also
nude. Her breasts were only medium sized but held good
firmness and shape. Her muscle tone was good, Lynn guessed
that she played tennis once a week. A typical, average sort
of woman. The kind you see hundreds of times on the street
or in a supermarket and never give a second thought to.

But it was the mousy little one who was free and the
muscular, larger girl who was bound up and helpless. The
raven haired girl was hanging upside down, her ankles lashed
to a pole, which forced her legs wide apart. The center of
the pole had a ring bolted to it and a steel cable hooked to
the ring. On the ceiling was an electric motor and hoist.
That explained how the heavy girl had been pulled up until
her head was a good three feet off the floor. Her arms were
bound behind her back with the wrists facing each other and
the elbows tied. The elbows weren't touching but the
clothesline was cutting so deep into the flesh just above
the elbows that Lynn was convinced that who ever had done
the bondage had tried very hard to make the elbows touch.

That they fell two inches short of that goal was the fault
of the solid build of the Mexican girl, not the efforts of
the binder.

Neither girl showed the slightest interest in Lynn's
direction so she walked up right to the window to watch.
The mousy brunette circled the hanging girl, one hand
lightly touching her body here and there. Every time she
touched, the hanging girl jerked the body away. Lynn looked
closer then she laughed. The hanging girl wasn't struggling
to escape the sharp attention of a needle, nor the burning
sensations of a red-hot poker. She was jerking to avoid a feather!

It seemed funny to Lynn at first but the more she
thought about it the more it made sense. Being helpless and
tickled could be real torture. Especially for someone who
was very sensitive. Lynn remembered being tickled by her
cousin while he sat on her. That hadn't lasted too long but
it was bad enough. Who knows how long this tickling had
been going on? Or how much more sensitive your body became
when completely naked and hanging upside down?

The brunette continued to circle the tormented girl.
The feather danced over the exposed body, seeking and
finding the most sensitive spots, the tenderest nerves. The
large breasts, strangely shaped by the reversed gravity,
were a favorite target, as were the smooth insides of the
velvet brown thighs. With each jerk the long black hair
swayed and danced in the space between the girl's head and
the floor.

As one hand teased with that horrid feather, the other
unashamedly toyed and stroked the brunette's pussy. She was
enjoying this work.

Lynn watched, sensing that the drama had been building
for sometime and was approaching a climax, perhaps in more
ways than one.

Another turn around the hanging body and the brunette
stopped. The feather fell, unnoticed. Both girls were
breathing hard although Lynn could hear nothing on her side
of the glass. She had noticed they were talking before this
but had been unable to make out any words. The two girls
held hard eye-contact for several long heart beats, both
with their legs wide spread and braced, one firmly on the
ground, the other hanging upside down. Then the hanging
girl slowly closed her eyes. The muscles in her ass began
clenching and relaxing, thrusting her hips gently forward
the few inches this strained position allowed them.

The scene remained static; the only movement was the
slow swaying of the hanging girl as her hips thrust and
relaxed, an indication of the burning within. Slowly her
eyes opened again. They met the brunette's again and held.
Tormentor and tormented. But there was a bond between them:
both woman had bodies that burned with desire, ached for

The brunette stepped forward and lowered her mouth over
the inverted pussy. Lower down the raven haired head lifted
and buried itself between the brunette's thighs. She spread
them a little more to allow easier access then clamped her
hands on the chocolate girl's ass. She dug her nails in
like a wild animal. In a silent frenzy of passion both
females lashed each other's clits with their tongues,
driving each other wilder and wilder.

For a long time the frenzied love-making continued as
Lynn watched, fascinated. It looked as if every muscle in
both bodies were rock hard rigid. The hanging girl's hands
were clenched fists one second and fluttering fingers the next.

But nothing lasts forever. The brunette's head jerked
up and she moaned her passion so loud that it came faintly
through the thick glass to Lynn. Then she fell to the floor
where she curled up into a ball on the carpet.

Lynn had to remember to breath. She was surprised to
find that she had been digging her fingernails into the
wooden window edge. Taking a deep breath, she shook her
head to break the spell. What an incredible show! Lynn had
never considered herself a lesbian but she was not a sexual
innocent; she had seen two woman making love before and
thought it interesting but little more. But this was
something else! The intensity of their passion came through
the dim glass like a physical blow. Lynn had never seen
anything quite like that before.

The brunette remained on the floor, shivers playing
over her naked body as she hugged herself, eyes closed, off
in a private world of ecstasy. The hanging girl arched her
body and trembled all over for long minutes before quieting
down. Her eyes stayed close and her head swayed back and
forth in dreamy circles, the tips of her long black just
brushing the thigh of the girl on the floor.

Lynn took a step back. She didn't know what to think.
Was this punishment? If so, that Mexican girl didn't look
very punished. She looked as if she were deep in sexual
satisfaction. A reward? Both? Or maybe just part of the

Lynn went to the second window and another scene from a
madman's B&D fantasy...

The End

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