Feet, Shoes & other fetish stories...

Feet, Shoes & other fetish stories...:
Fetish Stories
I'm currently putting together a section on Fetishes for my web page,
Dungeon of Dominance, and thought that you might enjoy reading some of the
history, and theories behind these fetishes. I want to thank everyone who
has been sending me such jiucy, wonderful fetish stories, and as soon as
I've started on your particular fetish, I will be sure to let you know, and
send you some e-mail.

Under each fetish listed may be several stories, pics, links to stores, web
sites, or FAQ's, and these are constantly being added to. The date of the
addition will be placed alongside the stories title. Have fun!!


So what is a fetish?

Well, a fetish is an object that replaces another human as the primary love
object. The fetish may be partial (such as breasts, feet, hair, buttocks,
obesity, or navel) or inanimate (such as shoes, fur, latex, leather, hats,
gloves, panties, lace, jock straps, or used condoms).

The fetish can be sense specific. The person may be aroused when they see
the object, feel it, smell it, hear it, taste it, or any combination
thereof. Fetishes tend to involve objects which give a feeling of
nurturance. For example, it would be unusual to find a spider or scorpion
fetish. However having said that, I have been coming across many a strange
fetish since I started this project!!

The selection of the fetish involves conditioning or learned behaviour and
requires a strong stimulus for it to register. Conditioning of a fetish
occurs from infancy to preschool and again during puberty when the child's
sex drive emerges a second time.

A fetish can require progressively increased intensity in order to achieve
orgasm. A hair fetishist may first experience orgasm by fantasizing about
hair; soon he will want to see it, watch the woman comb it, touch it,
masturbate into it, and possess it by cutting it off (or stealing it from)
a non-consenting stranger. The fetishist is also often polygamous: a shoe
fetishist is not satisfied with only one shoe throughout his whole life,
but rather seeks new shoes, and often keeps a 'harem' of such.

There are occasionally disadvantages involved with partial fetishists. For
example if a man marries a woman primarily because of a fetish, and then
she cuts her hair, loses weight, or has to have a mastectomy, then the
sexual attraction can disappear overnight, sometimes even causing total
impotence within the marriage. The worst scenario is when a married
fetishist gets rejected by their spouse; this only alienates them more and
creates more dependance on the fetish object of their desire.

Men appear more apt to rely on fetish objects than females.

There are many fetish newsletters or magazines and of course web sites,
that have personal ads of people selling photos of feet, hair, shoes, or
sports scenes. Those not interested in photos can custom order specific
worn or used underwear.

It is impossible to list all of the fetish objects people use, or have, but
some of the common & not so common ones are as follows:- (Please do note
that this will be added to daily, on The Fetish Page, but to make it easier
for reading, all stories, pics, fetish details, will be dated for your

Boots or Shoes

This fetish is most likely selected during early childhood. A shoe is the
first thing a crawling child sees before its mother picks them up to
nurture them. It becomes their cue for being cared for and loved. The
shoe may need to be a certain style and colour or can remain non-specific.
They may prefer to have a person to which they are attracted wear them,
but not always. The appeal of the shoe has a long history and is not
limited to humans alone. There was a case of a male chimp who was raised
in a zoo, and he developed a boot fetish and would masturbate by rubbing on
the boot of the caretaker.

High heels are the most appealing type of shoe and supposedly had their
beginning with Catherine de Medicis, a 16th century italian who married
Henry 11 of France (Their son married Mary Queen of Scots). Catherine was
very petite and brought with her shoes that were custom designed to give
her height. This started a fashion rage among the aristocratic ladies.
The first heels must have been extremely difficult to maneuver in because
male escorts often had to carry these dainty ladies up and down stairs.

The majority of Americans were not exposed to high heels until a french
prostitute brought several pairs with her to an elite New Orleans brothel
during the mid 19th century. The madam, noticed that men were willing to
pay more for this girl and quickly ordered French heels for all the women
in her brothel. Other brothels did the same and men soon started ordering
them for their wives, creating enough demand that in 1880 a Massachusetts
shoe factory opened to supply their needs. (The sex life of the Foot &
Shoe shop)

The shoes' fetish is not always limited to the sight or the touch of the
shoe. One case history refers to is about a man who would reach orgasm by
following around women whose shoes creaked. This was resulting from the
sounds of his partners shoes creaking as they had sex on a staircase when
he was just 17.

Men in the S/M community often list different reasons for being in awe of a
shoe. Several have commented to me that the extremely high and spiked heel
is arousing because it is potentially dangerous if a woman were to decide
and use it as a weapon. Many S/M magazines often feature photos of a
women's spiked heel resting against a submissive males' cock and balls.

Most men are attracted to the foot or shoe due to the change in posture of
a woman who wears high heels. She has more of a dramatic curve of the
spine, which causes the buttocks and the calves to be more rounded, the
bust to protrude, and the hips to have an exaggerated sway.

This then leads us to:

PODOPHILIA (Foot Fetish)

This refers to the sexual arousal certain people experience when exposed to
feet. It is only considered a fetish when one either favors these in lieu
of a human partner or has to focus attention on the feet of a partner to
achieve orgasm.

The Chinese have probably had the longest romance with feet, going to
extreme measure in creating erotic effects. This culture practiced foot
binding, of girl's feet, and occasionally those of catamited (boy lovers),
from the 10th century until the 1930's.

A Chinese girl's feet were first bound at the age of 5 to 7 and continued
to be bound until they quit growing at age 18. This resulted in a foot
size of about 2" wide and 4" long. The skin on the bottom of the feet
remained soft and supple because walking was restricted. The feet were
perfumed and covered with satin, or silk booties with padded soles.

Women occasionally masturbated by rubbing their feet and lesbians would put
their big toe into each other's vaginas. Males indulged in such podohilic
delights as engulfing the foot in their mouth, biting, sucking, (I love
this!) thrusting their penis between the bowed arches, being masturbated by
their partner's (or Mistresses') feet, washing her feet in tea and drinking
it, trimming her toe nails, placing almonds between her toes and eating
them, performing fellatio on her big toe. A few men cannot resist the
impulse to have sexual contact with feet. The March 19, 1992 San Francisco
Examiner, carried an Associated Press article that read:-

TOE SUCKER CHARGED WITH SEXUAL ABUSE - St Louis - A man who allegedly
knocked down girls and young women, took off their shoes, and sucked their
toes was charged with sexual abuse Wednesday. "It's kind of a humiliating
things - I think emotionally it just degraded them," said Maj.Ronald
Henderson, a police commander. (E.J), 28, was charged with assault,
indecent exposure, and sexual abuse in incidents from January until two
weeks ago....

Supposedly, there are many reasons feet are said to be sexy. Feet are
often the first part of a mother or father which a toddler touches.
Likewise parents often play with toddlers by pushing them with their feet,
or letting them ride on one of their feet. (I'm not sure that I agree with
this fact, as my father used to let me ride his feet, and I'm sure many
other peoples' parents did also - and I didn't develop a foot
fetish......although, I wonder why I have a thing for tongue baths on my

Another aspect involved in the sexual attraction of feet is that love
objects always have a barrier or obstacle to attainment and feet are less
available to many partners than the genitals. The feet are also less
threatening for those with coital difficulty because, unlike the genials of
a partner, they do not make demands for perfect sexual performance.

The preferences for types of feet vary dramatically. Some like toe nails
with a certain colour of polish, others focus only on the big toe, and want
it painted dark burgundy and long, filed to a point. Others like really
dirty, and sweaty feet... How do you like 'em?

Special clubs, B&D houses, and individual dominatrixes like myself exsist
for people interested in Foot fetishes. Foot fetishists tend to like
having a womens big toe inserted into their ass, or mouth, they like to
suck and worship the toes and foot, high heels, foot tickling, erotic
torture, and bondage of the foot are usually all offered at these places.
(I LOVE THESE!!!) There are many foot fetish magazines, videos, personal
ads and advertisements. One may order photos or videos of a barefoot woman
pumping the accelerator of several cars, as well as many other poses of the

The Barefoot Digest Annual reads, "full colour photo sets: TOES,
BONDAGE." There is also a "Foot Fraternity" club in Ohio that sells foot
fetish material for gay males.

As I come across or am forwarded, more links etc., they will be added and
dated accordingly. Please feel free to send me YOUR favourite links,
stores, names & addresses, or newsgroups etc., regarding the different
fetishes and I will be sure to include them.

The Offical Alt.Sex.Fetish.Feet

Welcome to Patent Letter
a newsletter for Women's shoe lovers

In need of Fetish material.

I am going to post much more to this and the above, as soon as I can and
I'd also like to explain and add this:-

As you've probably guessed:-
I'm currently adding a fetish page to my web site,
http://www.buffnet.net/~jaguar/msjulie.htm which at the moment is
undergoing major surgery changes & up-dates. I would like to have a
detailed list of all types of fetishes ranging from the more well known -
like foot, shoe, enema, stocking, panty, rubber... etc., to some stuff on
the more 'bizarre' like - necrophilia, zoophilia, blood etc.,

I'd like to describe in general what a fetish is, and a few historical
notes on how fetishes were seen throughout history in society. I'm
planning on having stories, pics, links, placed here regarding nothing
other than FETISHES!

Over the next 2 - 3 weeks, I'd like all fetishists to e-mail me about
their particular fetish, why they are or think they are into it, what they
get out of it, how they think they got interested in it, and a thesis/story
or fantasy/scenario involving their particular fetish.

After I've read all of them, myself and Lady Sarah, will pick the one that
we like the most out of each different fetish group, and that person's
'Thesis'/'Story" will be placed in the #1 category in each section on my
Dungeon of Dominance web site and offered the 'incentive' from below....

For the ones, which we find enjoyable & entertaining, or think that other
'fetishists' might like we will date them and place them under The Fetish
Story page, and unless you wish to remain anon. we can put your e-mail
address alongside of your piece. Please note, We cannot place copyrighted
material on The Fetish Page, unless it's belonging to you, and you are
giving us your express consent, so don't send us other peoples stories, or
pics..... Links are OK.

Incentives:- Now assuming, that this is a fetish that I enjoy partaking in,
or can partake in (meaning, I can't help anyone out with arranging to have
dead people over to my dungeon!) I will offer a personal session with me,
(free of charge of course). I will also submit that persons thesis/story
to some of the publishers of fetish magazines that I advertise with
nationally & internationally, and hope that it will then be put into print.
(Deserved credit being given).

If you'd like to see your fetish story or pic on my web page, or perhaps
would like to tell me about a particular fetish, please feel free to e-mail
it to me at MstressJu...@earthlink.net

Mistress Julie
(A beautiful, red-headed, green eyed, Irish Goddess)

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