Latex Fetish story

Latex Fetish story:
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The Outfit
Part One

The civilization had died over 3000 years ago. They were a very exotic and
erotic people. The artifacts that were discovered were incredible, and Lori
couldn't help but be a little curious. No one was allowed to handle any of the
artifacts until they could be inspected, but she just had to examine something
which had been on her mind all day.

She entered the cargo area and immediately found what she was looking for,
since she had placed it there earlier. It was late, and nobody saw her take the
box back to her quarters. The box was a mystery to the others, but not to Lori.
They spent hours trying to open the box, and used every device available to do
so, but had no luck. It was made of a strong material that wasn't in the least
bit damaged, even after all the attempts to break it open. Lori slid a complex
looking key out of her pocket and inserted it into a hidden slot on the box.
She found the key 2 weeks ago, and kept it as a souvenir-- not even knowing it
was a key. As she was inspecting the box earlier today, she accidentally
discovered a hidden opening. A small plate slid to expose a keyhole when the
proper pressure was applied to other areas of the box.

The chances were incredibly slim that she found the keyhole, but it had
happened. She knew now that she had found a key 2 weeks ago, and that it
belonged to this box, because its shape matched that of he keyhole. The key was
about 5" long, and slid smoothly into the slot. It clicked, and Lori turned the
key. The box clicked again, but still wouldn't open. She turned the key
further, and after the 3rd click the key wouldn't turn any further. She then
tried to lift the top of the box, and it opened. It was heavy, and she had to
use both hands to lift it off. She couldn't believe what she found. Clothing!
Why someone went through so much trouble to lock up clothing was beyond her. It
was made of a silvery black, very shiny material. The clothing was appropriate
for the people; it was very erotic. There was a long corset which went from the
hips all the way up over the breasts, with a wide corset choker attached to it
from the back, a pair of shoulder length cloves with heavy boning, and a pair
of thigh length boots with heels around 5 inches high. She had never seen
anything quite like this, and spent an hour inspecting every inch of the
clothing. It looked as if it were made from the inside, because what very few
seams there were existed only on the inside. It was smooth and slick on the
inside as well as the outside, and very heavy. She slid her hand down into one
of the boots, and it was smooth and slick as far as she could reach-- to the
tip of the very short pointed toe.

The outfit looked as if it had never been worn, since the bottoms of the boots
were not even scratched. Finally, she couldn't control herself and had to try
the clothing on. She stripped completely and picked up the corset. It was
shaped like an hourglass, so small in the middle that she knew she would never
be able to get into it. To make it more difficult, it needed to be closed from
behind. She placed it on herself where it should be, and the attached choker
around her neck, but couldn't come close to getting the opening around her
waist to close shut. The corset was at least 6 inches too small for her to
close, even when she used all her strength trying to pull it shut. She sat down
and slid one of the boots onto her foot. To her surprise, her bare foot slid
easily into the boot. It was a little snug, and the toes were extremely tight
and pointed. She slid the other boot on and stood up. The heels were quite high
for her size 6 feet, but she was able to stand. They were snug, heavily boned
inside, and felt very well built.

She then slid the gloves on, and they went up to her shoulders. The clothing
was pretty restrictive, and she couldn't imagine what it would be like if the
corset were closed. It must have been made for someone with her similar size,
except for the waist. The corset was very small. She could walk, to her
surprise, but the high heels made it difficult. The material squeaked slightly
like leather, and the stiletto heels clicked when she walked, but they weren't
slick on the floor like other high heels.

She stood and looked at herself in the mirror, shocked. Never had she worn
anything like this. It made her look incredibly erotic, and the heels were
higher than any she had ever worn. They made her legs look incredible, and her
feet look small. She tried to stand higher on her toes, but the heels lifted
only a fraction. These were as high as she could possibly ever wear. As she
stood and looked in the mirror, she noticed that there was something remaining
in the corner of the box. It was a small disk about the size and shape of a
dime. She picked it up and held it in her gloved hand, and noticed a barely
visible button on one side. She squeezed the disk, and upon doing so it clicked
and the corset contracted around her waist and locked shut. The choker did the
same around her neck. The boots tightened around her ankles, and also above and
below her knees. The toes of the boots tightened as well. The gloves tightened
around her wrists, as well as above and below her elbows, and became snug
around her hands. She almost fell down with the shock.

After she regained her balance, she walked back to the mirror and noticed how
small her waist was. The corset was so tight that she could hardly breath, and
walking was a whole new experience. The tops of the boots and gloves were now
very snug against her skin. The corset felt like a second skin, as did the
boots and gloves near the top. She reached around her tiny waist and tried
pulling the corset open, but it was locked shut, and very tight. Lori
frantically pushed the button again and the clothing released to it's original
position. The corset made a loud pop, similar to a balloon exploding, and
nearly flew off with all the tension suddenly being released. She sighed with
relief and held the silver disk closer to looked it over carefully, noticing it
was very flat and very slick. She noticed how slippery the disk felt in her
gloved hand, and was almost difficult to hold. It was obviously a locking
mechanism for the clothes.

Lori wondered why it was necessary to lock the clothing on to the wearer, but
remembered that the people were very erotic. A push of the button and the
clothes locked tight again. She walked back to the mirror and couldn't help but
be aroused by her own appearance. It was a very provocative outfit, and the
designers definitely had that in mind. In the very top of the corset in the
middle was a barely visible pocket, and must be intended for the disk. She slid
it into the pocket, and it fit perfectly. The outfit thrilled her, and Lori
knew she had to have it. She walked over to the table and removed the disk. The
box would have to be returned, but she would keep the outfit. She placed the
disk on the table and walked back to the box. When she was about 10 feet away
from the disk, the clothing unlocked. The corset loudly snapped open and made
Lori jump. A safety measure, she thought. If the disk were lost, the wearer
would be able to remove the outfit. Logical, since it was probably made of that
indestructible material-- similar to the box, and if the wearer were to lose
the disk, it would be impossible to remove the clothing. Even the people who
made these items couldn't damage the material, Lori thought. How interesting.

Lori sat down and removed the corset. Then the gloves, which were fairly snug.
She then pulled the boots off with difficulty. The clothing was intoxicating,
and she didn't want to remove it, but she had to return the box to the cargo
area. She picked up the lid and placed it back on the box, and turned the key
in the opposite direction. The box clicked 3 times, and the key slid back out.

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