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MY SISTER'S UNDIES I developed a fetish about my sister's underwear. As I opened
the clothes hamper just after taking a shower, I noticed her bra and panties in
the hamper. There they were --- all lacy and white, with a small stain right in
the crotch of the panties. My sister, Marilyn, was a real knock-out, and it
thrilled me to think of her panties and bra, right there in front of me. Feeling
like a real pervert, but unable to stop myself, I reached in the hamper and
pulled them out, examining the stain closely. Aha, I thought. Pussy juice
stains. She had been turned on by something that had made her pussy juices flow.
I wondered what it was. Maybe a book she was reading, or some picture of a big
dick in a magazine she had been looking at. The thought, though, gave me a
terrific hardon, all at once. My dick just seemed to have instantaneous life of
its own, and suddenly thrust out and slapped me in the navel. I pressed the
panties to my nose. I could smell her cunt in the crotch of the panties. I sat
on the toilet and wrapped the lacy white panties around my cock and started
beating off, the head of my dick pressing against the stain at the crotch of her
panties. With a groan and body spasms, I came, filling her crotch with slimy cum
from the head of my cock. It pooled there, sticky white against the darker, more
tan stain of her cunt juices. I put the panties back in the hamper, wondering if
my mother would notice that there was more than the usual stain in Marilyn's
underwear. The next time I took a shower, I found a loose pubic hair in her
pants. That thrilled me completely. I put it in my mouth and sucked on it as I
jacked off in her crotch. I was developing quite a fetish for anything of my
sister's --- including her pubic hair. Feeling like an idiot, I put the panties
back. The next day, it was Marilyn who did the laundry. I noticed that she
seemed to look at her panties, and look around the room, as if trying to figure
out what kind of stain that could be. I made myself scarce, not wanting to be
anywhere near the laundry room. Later that day, she sat across from me as I was
watching TV. She kept glancing in my direction, looking at my crotch. I was
looking at hers, wondering if she was going to leave me a stain or a pubic hair
to play with that night. As it turned out, I got both. When I went to take a
shower, I found her panties in the hamper, right on top. I grabbed them, opening
them to the crotch. There was a large stain, and several pubic hairs. As I stood
there naked, my cock throbbing against my belly, I pressed the panties to my
face, smelling the aroma of my sister's cunt. Then, the bathroom door opened.
Marilyn stood there, looking at her panties pressed against my face. She stepped
right into the bathroom and closed the door behind her. In her hand, she held a
screwdriver. She had used it to press against the mechanism that held the lock
--- it was a safety device installed in most new houses, to stop a young child
from locking themselves in the bathroom. She put the screwdriver down beside the
sink. I hadn't moved, knowing that I was caught. She knew that I had jacked off
in her panties. She looked at my hard, throbbing cock and smiled. Then, to my
amazement, she reached down and hooked her thumbs in the edge of her shorts and
pulled them --- and her panties --- down to her ankles. She kicked them off.
Crooking a finger and holding it up, she motioned me to her crotch. "Suck this,"
she whispered. I got on my knees in front of her and leaned toward her hairy
pussy. Her snatch was covered with dark brown hair, curly and matted wet against
her body. I stuck out my tongue, licking her pussy lips, tasting the juices of
her cunt. Now, though, I was tasting them live, rather than a stain in her
pants. My cock jerked, and I nearly came as I inserted my tongue into her pussy.
She spread her legs and grabbed the back of my head, pressing my face against
her cunt. "Oh, yes, you love that," she whispered. "You love your sister's
cunt." I touched her clit with my tongue, and she moaned, her legs jerking and
her body swaying. She pulled away from me and reached down and pulled me to a
standing position in front of her. Falling to her knees in front of me, she took
my cock into her mouth and sucked on it, running her tongue over the head of it.
With her hands, she cupped my balls and began stroking my cock right beneath her
lips, so that she was jerking me off at the same time as sucking me. She pulled
her mouth away, licking down the shaft of my hard cock, all the way to my balls.
She continued stroking me, and I shot my load, sending it flying high in the
air, hitting her in the face, in the hair, and on her neck. She lapped it up.
"Cock, a lovely hard cock," she whispered, running her tongue all over my wet
dick. She stood and looked at me, and then pulled her panties on along with her
shorts. She quietly opened the bathroom door, glancing both ways down the hall.
She opened the door wide and stepped out, but not completely closing it. "When
you finish your shower," she whispered, "come into my room." I finished my
shower, never losing my hardon. I threw on a robe and made it to her room.
"Everyone's still awake," she said, her legs spread, her fingers working on her
cunt. "When they go to bed, come back and stick that hard cock in me." I did.
Who wouldn't? --- Jimmy P., Denver, CO

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