Slaves Stories
You dishonor me by disgracing yourself my pet, however, I would not discipline you when I am angry. Now that some time has passed, and my anger has subsided, I can PROPERLY teach you how to behave. Know that I love you. And sleep, sweet one. While you sleep you'll learn. I steal myself into your dreams. A flicker of your eyelids, and like a melody slipping into your mind...

.Roland grabs your shirt, snatches you up and brings you to me. You shake your head, trying to awaken as your sleepy eyes quickly dart back and forth between us.

"Roland, the very large man standing over you, is here to help you." He hefts you up roughly, stretching your arms across the wide wooden table in the middle of the room.

"He will see that you pay attention and learn what I want you to know. It seems you have forgotten your manners but," I pause as your hands are folded behind your head, "I'm sure you will not forget again."

His large hand presses your belly flat against the wood as your chin settles on the leather rim of the table and your legs dangle over the edge, your feet barely touching the floor.

Standing directly in front of your face I grasp your chin in my hand, pinching your cheeks between my fingers and tilting your head back so that I may see your face fully as I speak to you. Your wide eyes look boldly back at me

"You WILL NOT SPEAK. You will do EXACTLY what I tell you to do, and you will do it with grace and humility, as you should always do." My words are punctuated by quick jerks of your head. "Keep your eyes respectful; do not look at me, unless I grant you permission. Do you understand?" Your eyes are still wide with confusion, so I nod your head in response. "Your boldness tries my patience, pet." Finally you cast your gaze downward with an audible sigh.

(you remind me so very much of myself; defiant, self assured. But, you will learn as I learned. I smile, thinking how I both pity and envy you)

I pace around your stretched form, contemplating whether to strip you now or let you feel the paddle through the denim.

"Pet, how will you handle this?" Raising one eyebrow and slapping the paddle against my hand I can't help but smile as I approach your face. There's a cold look of deviance in your eyes, though they remain respectfully low.

"So, you think you are brave?" I place the cool wood against your lips. "Kiss your teacher, brave one!" Your lips are tight.

"You will kiss your teacher before this night ends." My face is barely a breath away from yours as I softly kiss your terse mouth. "Let's get him a bit tender before we begin, eh, Roland?" Your eyes blink quickly, "Ahh, so I CAN get a reaction from you?" Still peering into your eyes and lifting your face.

An arched eyebrow finishes my comments before I turn back toward the stable man. "Fetch me the small leather tails and a thick ring. He will learn to control himself one way or another. Won't you pet?"

"As you desire, Mistress." Roland smiles and chuckles as he leaves.

Then, I gently caress your face, "You musn't' ever, EVER disgrace yourself again. We can't have ladies walking around with your passion on their skirts, now can we? I can't imagine how you have been trained in the past, but while you belong to ME, you WILL control your fervor or I will control it FOR you. You don't look feeble," I study your face again, "just defiant." Then, I pat your chin smartly and whisper into your ear. "Well, now you have an opportunity to reconsider your direction."

You're blushing now, and I can't restrain my smile, "See, Roland? I knew he would be an apt student. He's learning already."

(seeing your reaction takes me back.are you as terrified as I was? Or, maybe even more?)

While my burly helper is gone I move slowly down your outstretched body, dragging the edge of the paddle toward your behind and speaking quietly. "How will you react to the paddle's sting, do you know? I doubt you've been properly tested, we shall see. Tonight you will find out how brave you are, and more importantly, how obedient you can be."

I lean against you from behind, my hands moving firmly up the outside of your thighs as I press and grind myself against your ass. "Arch your back, pet." I drag my dark red fingernails down your back, pulling at the fabric of your t-shirt, then lifting it over the small of your back and scratching lightly.

You obey; as best you can given your perch over the edge of the table. "That's right, show me how you desire my touch." I continue tracing my nails over your back and down again to the curve of your hips. "Tell me pet, do you know why we don't send women into battle?"

"No," You answer slowly, pausing before adding, "Mistress."

"Then I'll tell you why." My hands slide around your waist and down over your trousers toward your sex. "Because there would be no battles." Now I pause for effect, "Only massacres." With those words my hands slide to your crotch and with all my strength I heave you back as I slam my pelvis against your ass and my fingers dig into the crease of your thighs.

The large stable man returns carrying a slender leather phallus in one hand while gently slapping the other hand with the long leather straps dangling from it. As he hands the phallus to me I motion for him to stand by your face.

"You may amuse yourself with him, Roland."

(are you as horrified now as I was then? I remember my Master's stable man. He smelled of horses...)

Roland leans very close to your face, "Only if it pleases YOU, Mistress."

"As you wish, Roland. Do as you wish with him." The thin leather straps make a 'whooshing' sound as I swing them quickly to the back of your leg. You jump slightly, then, 'whoosh' again as they bite the back of the other leg. "I think I'll just soften up his attitude, you may please yourself, if you'd like. No, it's MY DESIRE that you please yourself with him Roland. I'm sure that will humble him!"

He smiles and presses his lips to yours, sucking on your mouth as he thrusts his tongue between your teeth and your knuckles are white as you strain to hold your composure. The straps strike hard at the very top of your thighs again, pushing your body forward, your mouth moving hard against his as he sucks at your tongue.

The straps continue to assault your legs and rear as he deftly reaches inside the slit in the front of his breeches, and scoops out his thick cock and pendulous scrotum.

The warm animal smell of the stable exudes from him and floats into you as he cradles your chin in his large rough hand and pinches your mouth into a pucker. Holding your jaw firmly, keeping your teeth clamped shut, he traces the soft curves of your mouth with the smooth, swelling tip of his cock.

"His mouth is very soft, Mistress," Roland smiles.

"Yes, I know it is, Roland, but, mount him on the table for me before you continue."

"Oh! With joy, Mistress!" Grinning, he moves toward your rear, his sex swinging heavily across the front of his trousers, seeming to grow with the pull of gravity.

(do you realize the gift of restraint? The strain of compliance? I hope you savor it)

With swift movements he opens your jeans, lifts you onto the table and pulls the jeans from your ankles. Then he spreads your legs apart until the muscles burn and he anchors your feet with leather straps attached to the ends of the long table. Now you are split and well served, like a ripe fruit.

I see the struggle you endure to keep your hands gripped behind your neck as Roland returns to your face.

"Doesn't he look fine, Roland?" I touch the tendons at the back of your knees as your legs struggle against the bonds and with a firm swing the slender straps streak across the white flesh on the back of your legs.

Rolland bends down, kissing you again, lolling his large tongue in your mouth; tasting your teeth and tongue, sucking on your puffy lips, the scratchy hairs of his beard tickling your nose and chin. After several seconds, he pulls away and stands in front of you smiling.

"He looks very fine, Mistress." His huge cock and balls dangle over the outside of his trousers. He pulls your face up, wraps one large hand under your chin, and with the other hand cups his scrotum, guiding himself toward your tense mouth. The bulbous tip, wet with his anticipation, presses against your lips as his hand squeezes your jaw, opening it into a pucker, and then the salty, sweaty cock fills your mouth.

The force of the paddle pushes you toward Roland as he thrusts his stiff cock at the back of your throat roughly before he pulls away slowly, smiling. "His mouth is nice, Mistress, but he's not very enthusiastic."

"Suck his cock, Pet," another stinging blow from the paddle accentuates my words and lifts your ass. Then another SLAP! and another SLAP! SLAP! Your flesh begins to take on a rosy glow and I continue to work the smooth face of the paddle against your legs and ass. "I will NOT (SLAP) tell you twice! (SLAP) NOW! (SLAP) SUCK (SLAP) THAT (SLAP) COCK!"

Your ass dances amusingly, though ineffectively to avoid the wood, and your arms strain to maintain their position as each thwack lifts and bites forcefully at your glowing skin. With tears welling, you slowly begin to suckle, as if on a thick nipple, shyly at first, and you pull and slide your tongue along the underside, coaxing, teasing the giant man. His hands move to your head, fingers digging into your hair, gently rocking himself to your nursing rhythm, his cock filling your warm mouth, slowly moving over the back of your tongue and nudging at the muscles in your throat, pulling gently at your soft, swollen lips.

(I wonder if you have tasted a man before...I remember the first time I did...stretched out very much like you are now.)

I lay my hand against your rear, scratching gently over the pink stripes, as I lean close to your ear and speak in soft tones. "Does Roland taste good?" My hand slips under your scrotum, then your cock. "You don't seem to like him. Well, we can fix that too," and my fingers quickly begin to manipulate that willful cock of yours, stroking firmly toward the tip and fondling at the foreskin as I press the paddle against your ass and then slide it along your thickening cock. "Cool now, isn't it?" Its smooth surface presses against you. "Enjoy its touch. Soon it won't feel so cool."

Quickly raising it back and bringing it down with some force I let it SLAP! Against your glowing ass. SLAP! SLAP! Your body jumps, SLAP! The flesh on your rear reddens more, SLAP! SLAP! And I move the paddle swiftly down your thighs to the backs of your knees as Roland slows his pace, and pulls himself from between your swollen lips.

(I remember how it was to be on the table.... The abject humiliation...the fear, oh God! the fear I suffered...it was worse than the pain...I feared so many things then)

The slaps are harder now and as Roland tips your chin upward and wipes the sweat from your face your tender red ass jumps for me. SLAP! I scrape the paddle roughly against your stinging flesh. "That's it, move that fine rump around! Wriggle for me, pet." Your hips raise and move as the paddle both guides and follows your movements.

(the first licks are the easiest... before the flesh is raw... I tried to get away from the torment too...at first)

Your ass glows like embers in a breeze now, and a hot, dull, throb pounds almost visibly down to the soft flesh behind your knees. I press my finger against your cheek, noting the warmth, and how you flinch. "That's it, let me see how much you appreciate my time, bad boy. You must never be disrespectful. It only shows your weakness, and you will be strong, or I will know the reason why!"

My bare hand, SLAP! against your glowing ass as I move toward your face again, my fingernails dragging sharply up your back, my hand slipping under your chin, pinching your mouth into a pucker and I kiss your salty lips and soft wet eyes.

"I will have your respect. You will give it to me eagerly, and you will beg my pardon, won't you?"

With my hand nodding your head up and down, showing you the answer I expect, I ask again, "Do you understand?"

Your head moves inside my hand once up and once down. "Good boy".

(I remember seeing my Master's feet before me that day...I wanted to scream...I bit my tongue to silence myself.)

I slowly walk around your outstretched body, my nails scraping along your tender skin, tracing down the inside of your arms. The cotton t-shirt sticks to your sweaty body and my fingers glide smoothly along the wet fabric to your tight nipple; rubbing your chest with my palm and then squeezing the flesh into my fist, making a tight, screaming little tit. Your eyes shut and a grimace overcomes your face, as I pinch and rub the throbbing tit. I can feel a low moan in your chest and notice how your arms struggle to keep your hands obediently behind your head.

Roland kneels down, stroking your sweating face and whispering closely to your ear, "Be brave, and show her your strength. Don't abandon your dignity. Tears are expected, even cherished, squirming is appreciated, muffled moans desired, but do not scream aloud or beg for mercy. She will not be merciful. But show her your strength through your constraint. Keep your hands tight, if I have to restrain them she will be very displeased." He looks into your wet eyes and his dark bearded face brushes against your cheek as he sweetly kisses your quivering lips.

(good advice that I foolishly didn't follow...will you? These are hard lessons to be learned)

The supple leather straps of the rod tickle your legs as I drag them lightly from your foot across the rigid muscle of your calf to the stinging flesh of your thigh. Red welts are rising, and a hot pink glow covers your skin from the back of one knee across the exposed flesh of your ass over to your other leg. The straps scrape the red welts and make the tender skin itch and burn.

Back and forth I brush the straps, as if painting you with fresh surges of needle pricks. Your cock dangles over the edge of the table swaying with the strokes of the straps. I can see your reaction. The veins of your cock swell as your desire, unwilling as it may be, coaxes warm blood into your engorging shaft. My cool finger traces the dark thick vein, teasing your juices toward the distended tip, as Roland returns to the warmth of your mouth.

(I remember the touch of my Master...his rough finger pressing into my screaming flesh; smearing the thick wetness over me...even the memory is torturously delicious)

I stroke you with the smooth tight tip of the leather phallus. Pushing it into the red welts, watching you squirm then slapping you with the length of it, whipping you with the long leather cock as if it were a heavy switch. Your ass wriggles wonderfully and as I tease your cock and balls with the rod you moan, your feet straining to release themselves and close your legs.

I smile at your little dance and continue to torment your aching sex. Taking a large jar from the shelf nearby I dip my hand into the thick white cream then rub it firmly and very slowly into the red welts and warm irritated flesh of your legs and butt. The lotion is cool and your body reaches out toward my touch.

"That's it pet, lift and dance for me. Beg for my attention." I slap lightly at your swaying cock, then smear the lotion over your tight balls pushing the silky cream into every crease, pulling them upward against your ass while Roland slowly fucks your delicious mouth.

"Roland, come here", I say softly, and he immediately pulls himself from your hungry lips, walking slowly toward me, his engorged organ swaying with every step. "I fear he will disgrace himself soon, attach the ring."

He grabs your cock roughly and ties a thick leather ring tightly to the base, engorging your scrotum and keeping your cock full.

"The ring is wonderful, isn't it?" My slippery finger sides over your foreskin, pinching lightly and pulling toward the floor. "It takes away the NEED for control, but right now, pet, you are being punished and consider yourself lucky! Some would punish you with just the paddle, but I disagree with that. You'll remember this punishment far longer and more vividly than you would remember mere welts. Besides, we'll work on your control later." One quick SLAP with my hand and I move slowly toward your teary face dragging my nails up your trembling body.

Stooping down I gently lick the tears from your cheeks and kiss your frightened eyes. My hands kneed and pinch at your aching little tits through the shirt, now saturated with your sweat and I kiss your soft pink lips, tasting the stable on your mouth. Your soft moan sings to me through your teary kisses and I feel your deep breath try to satisfy your body's need.

"Isn't he a precious pet, Roland? Don't you just want to eat him up?"

"Yes, Mistress, I certainly do!" he laughs.

"I think you should, but keep that ring in place, I won't have him satisfied ...not yet..." Taking your face in my hand and looking at you sternly, "not until I permit."

Roland takes one long, very slow flat tongued lick from the back of your right knee, up your thigh, across the fiery cheek on the right side, down to your tight bud, swirling there for a moment. Your body moans as your hot ass lifts and pushes out to the hairy face pressed hard against you. His big tongue laps and licks at your tight anus, pointing and stabbing at you as you push stretching your aching legs further, moaning deeply in your chest. Flicking lightly, teasing you, he continues to the other fiery cheek and down your aching thigh. His large hand scoops under you, caressing you, pulling your stiff cock back, your balls pushing up toward your wet ass. His mouth licks at the tip of your ringed cock, pulling at the loose flesh of your foreskin, biting at it with his lips, sucking lightly, licking again and then licking along the underside of your scrotum to the sensitive flesh between your balls and anus. Scraping his teeth there, opening his mouth he moves his lips to your wanton little anus. Licking and sucking he eats at you, chewing lightly, tormenting you.

"Delicious", he mutters, talking into you as his hands stroke and caress your screaming cock.

(remembering how it felt when Darius did that to me, I didn't have to hold my passion back though, well you have no choice really...you look so lost sweet pet...is it harder for you because he is a man? I can't remember if it was harder for me the first time a woman took me)

Your face contorts as your passion rises. Unable to release, you shudder and moan, tears streaming down your face, but you hold your composure; your hands stay firmly behind your neck and your body, poor tired tortured body, dances beautifully, but doesn't resist.

As I stand before you, watching your tears, watching Roland devour you, I press myself to your wet face. Petting your head, holding you close to my warm sex as you moan, rubbing your hot tears against me as you kiss my clothing, begging without words.

"Roland", I speak softly while searching your soft eyes, "I think that he deserves a reward for being so brave. Why don't you reward him?"

"My pleasure is only to please you, Mistress", he chuckles, and grabbing his huge cock, he slaps your ass with it briskly. Tapping the wet, swollen head against the tight screaming little mouth of your ass, he traces concentric circles around and around, smearing lotion over the tender flesh between your cheeks down to your swollen balls, finally stroking your engorged cock with his. Then he slides one hand under your sex and pulls you back between his legs as the tip of his cock nudges you.

Your eyes are wide with fear and your legs tremble against the straps. Tears roll down your sweating face as the large stable man eases slowly into you. A moan, just short of a scream shudders through your body as the stiff cock penetrates you slowly, pausing to let you adjust then moving slightly deeper.

"Show him how well you behave, pet, open to him, I want him to feel those muscles work," I whisper as Roland's hands slide up your legs, kneading at your glowing cheeks, penetrating deeper, inch by inch firmly and finally, completely. The huge man leans against your stinging flesh, pressing into the red welts, scratching at the reddened skin there, rocking gently to his own desire.

You are screaming inside, I can see it on your face, but you hold your self in control as Roland slides in and out of your ass slowly, leaving the thick head inside while stroking himself. "Suck me into you!", he grunts as his hands spread your rear even farther. You finally open yourself willingly, pushing toward him, and he screams as he's pulled deeply into your hot slippery ass, filling and stretching you, then finally, bathing you in his hot sticky release. His hands lock on your hips, pulling and pushing you along the exploding shaft then plunging deeply and falling upon you, reaching around to your pounding little tits and squeezing roughly.

Your body shakes under him, aching for release, but the ring holds you back, tormenting you completely while his exhausted cock twitches and jumps in you then slowly softens as your muscles tighten around him. After several moments, Roland straightens, his now flaccid penis slipping out of you swiftly, his hot release trickling over your balls, coating your anguished cock. Your head droops and your chest heaves, as he continues to pinch at your taunt nipples.

"He is rewarded, Mistress. Thank your Mistress, slave!" he says laughing through winded breath.

"Thank you, Mistress", you whisper, choking tears back.

(I'm pleased with your demeanor sweet one...remembering Darius mounting me like that...the initial pain...then the mind racking pleasure...the thin thread between agony and ecstasy)

Now I move toward your red bottom, my hands glide along the wet shirt on your back and I instruct Roland to remove the shirt. He swiftly grabs two fists of the material and rips the cloth from your body.

With the rod in my hand I gently stroke at the burning flesh of your tired ass as the straps tease and tickle your cock and balls. Your body reaches out to me, begging for my attention, begging for my guidance and begging for my love. The leather phallus is smaller than Roland's cock, and it slides into your wet ass smoothly with no resistance. I move it easily back and forth, side to side testing the size and fit as your muscles tighten around it. Your body screams silently and your hips push toward me, begging me to satisfy your painful need.

"That's it, let me take you softly, and sweetly my pet. Kiss my leather cock as it fucks you lovingly. Lift your sweet ass up and feel me slide out, twisting inside you, just the tip, twisting and probing, pushing into the hot wet flesh inside of you." My free hand is stroking and massaging your screaming scrotum, sliding down to your imprisoned cock, stroking gently, scratching at the wet warm tip, spreading the moisture around and around then back up to the tight ring. My fingers stroke you gently, mimicking the rhythm of the leather cock. I can feel your body stiffen, your legs are tightly bound; yet they struggle to close. The long leather cock fully impales you now, the straps dangling from your burning anus, brushing against your balls, enticing your passion. You try to expel it but with a SMACK! Of the old wooden paddle you are reminded to control yourself.

"Hold the cock inside you, fuck yourself deeply with it."

As you grip the leather with your wet muscles, Roland is again ready to reward you and he pushes himself between your tear streaked lips.

"That's my sweet baby slave, suck with both of your hungry mouths, take us into you and swallow us."

(watching you almost makes me wish I could trade places ...you impress me...I wonder if I would impress you)

Your breathing is rapid now, deep, strong, filling your lungs pushing your chest out to Roland's squeezing fists. Your nipples are swollen, stinging and throbbing with the rhythm of the stiffening cock in your mouth and the firm phallus sliding in and out of you.As his fingers pinch at your hard nipples, he withdraws; leaving just the tip nestled between your lips while stroking the shaft quickly. With the leather cock impaling your moaning rear, the large man brings himself to climax onto your lips, the hot fluid splashing against your teeth, into your mouth and down your chin.

(remembering Darius' hot fluid running down my chin onto my chest...his hands...coating my breasts with it)

I see that you will are approaching your limit and it's likely you'll faint if not released. My fingers stroke you firmly just to heighten your need, then, finding the ties of the ring and with a quick jerk the ring loosens as I move the phallus toward your seething prostrate, sending a hot consuming surge racing into your screaming shaft and straight out the tip of your cock. With a roaring gasp your hips heave and jerk-- whipping your throbbing balls and cock with the straps dangling from your ass again and again as your pelvis rolls through crashing waves of released anguish.

(oh my, I remember the total mindless abandon of that orgasm)

My cool fingers pinch and rub the welts and sore spots on your tender legs as you shudder and finally collapse loosely on the tabletop.

Roland unties your ankles and places you on the floor before me with your glowing ass raised up and the long leather straps hanging like a loose tail, then he pushes your head down to my feet. Your mind spirals through a cloudy hot sea of passion and desire, your chest heaves, and your body shakes uncontrollably.

"You have done well precious pet. Punishment will make you stronger, grace you with the power to endure many tests and trials.

Taking your tear stained face in my hands, and kissing your swollen lips gently, I look into your eyes.... searching for the truth of your humility.

"Poor slave, you still have much to learn, and I will surely delight in teaching you."

I smile at you despite myself, knowing how you must fear me and fear your circumstance, also knowing that you will realize in time that I will forgive you, my precious pet, if you ask me sweetly and sincerely for my pity.

You already possess my love, and that, sweet helpless one, makes you the Master.

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