The Slut Auction

The Slut Auction:
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The Slut Auction

It had to be said; so far the party stank. Really, it could hardly

have been termed a party, only a few of our friends were able to show

up at such short notice and none of them had brought their wives or

girlfriends with them. The only other people milling around our lounge

were my wife Kate and my self and Kate's cousin Jackie, the guest of


Jackie had been living overseas for several years and, although she

and Kate had been close as children, they had obviously not seen much

of each other in the interim years. But a rather messy divorce had

brought her back home and this was the first time that I had met her.

When I first saw her I was quite impressed. Although well past thirty

now, she still looked good. A shaggy mane of blonde hair cascaded

across her shoulders and a pair of good legs protruded graphically

from denim shorts that were way shorter than Kate would ever wear. Her

figure was complimented my a nice swell in the front of her red

T-shirt that offered the promise of a perky pair of breasts. Kate had

cause to admonish me on a couple of occasions for staring at her a

little to obviously. I'm sure that Jackie had noticed as well, but if

she had she just laughed my attention off with a flick of her blonde


"I don't mean to be ungrateful, guys," said Jackie as she sashayed up

to Kate and I, her long, slender legs still extending from the ends of

her shorts, "but this party sucks! I've seen more action in a


"We know!" I replied. "Kate and I were just debating how to get things

to liven up a little. You got any suggestions?"

"Yes, c'mon Jackie," Kate chipped in, "you were always the one to get

things going in the old days!"

I saw Jackie and my wife share a sly grin, presumably recalling long

forgotten escapades.

"Well, why don't we play a game?"

Thoughts of Scrabble and Monopoly suddenly filled me with dread.

"Bit dull, don't you think?" I said.

"Not the game I've got in mind! You ever heard of "Auction Jack"?

Both Kate and I shook our heads in the negative. I had to admit to

being intrigued though, it sounded more fun than Gin Rummy!

Jackie explained the simple rules. A volunteer would stand up to be

auctioned. The others would bid hard cash - the money donated to a

charity - and whoever finally "bought" the volunteer could demand that

they carry out an amusing or embarrassing task - the big thing was, in

the game Jackie played, the task could be literally anything. No holds

barred! The others seemed to think that this idea was a good one (I'm

sure they would have chosen anything over the boring music and sullen

silences that pervaded the room).

"Okay, I'll go first!" cried Jackie.

Everyone cheered. The party seemed to be picking up!

"Who will start the bidding?" I announced as self appointed


Jackie was standing on a coffee table in the middle of the room, her

eyes down and hands clasped behind her back in typical "slave" style.

Standing in her bare feet, her legs looked even longer and sexier than

they did before.

"Five bucks" cried Kate, laughing.

Jackie looked at her cousin indignantly "Five? I think I'm worth a

fuck sight more than that!"

"Any advance?" I said

"Ten!" Lenny Jacobs was enjoying an unprecedented night away from his

wife and seemed determined to get into the atmosphere that was fast


Suddenly Jackie pulled up the top of her T-shirt. Gasps were heard all

around the room as, braless, her full breasts were exposed. I was

shocked to say the least, but a true male, I couldn't tear my eyes

away from the ripe example of womanhood in front of me. I expected my

wife to say something, to admonish her cousin for her lewd behaviour.

Reluctantly I tore my eyes from Jackie's tits and looked over at Kate.

Surprise number two. Far from being shocked or disgusted as I almost

expected, she was staring as intently as I and the other three guys

had been. I watched her face as, very slowly, her pink tongue slipped

out and slid gracefully over her upper lip.

"C'mon, guys and girls!" Jackie almost shouted, "these tits gotta be

worth more than ten bucks!"

"Fifty!" Frank's voice was almost a whisper, but I heard it perfectly.

"Sold!" I announced. "She's all yours, Frank!"

"Slowly sauntering over to Frank, Jackie put her arms around his neck

and kissed him full on the lips.

"So, what would you have me do?" she said finally breaking the


"Letting me suck on those nipples would be good!"

The room had gone deathly silent with Frank's request. For just a

second Jackie just stared at him. I wondered if he had gone too far.

Then, slowly, my wife's cousin cupped the underside of her breasts and

held them up in a kind of sacrificial offering. In a flash Frank's

greedy lips had closed over her hardening nipples and sucked them

fiercely into his mouth. Jackie gasped out loud obviously excited by

the way her skin was being stretched and closed her hands behind

Frank's head encouraging him to suck deeper and harder. Nobody seemed

to know where to look or what to say, and consequently the room was

filled with silent observers simply watching Frank's oral caresses.

With his head virtually buried in Jackie's cleavage, his hand dropped

and began to lightly fondle the crotch of her shorts. Immediately, she

pulled his head away and playfully slapped his hand.

"Oh no you don't!" she laughed, "you didn't pay enough for that!"

Frank was mortified. The bulge in his pants was obvious to everyone

and he began to stutter almost uncontrollable digging his wallet out

and fishing around for more cash.

"No. No!" continued Jackie, "Someone else's turn now! C'mon Kate, lets

see you follow that!"

I was again surprised that, without a murmur, my usually very

conservative wife walked forward and, kicking off her high heels,

replaced her cousin standing on the table. Although still a little

shocked, I was pleased to notice that Jackie had made no attempt to

cover herself up again. Her breasts remained completely exposed and

the crotch of her shorts seemed to be wedged a little higher between

her legs.

I took over my duties as auctioneer again as my own wife stood in

front of me. I wasn't sure about her letting one of our friends suck

her tits as her cousin had done, but I was extremely sceptical about

destroying the atmosphere of the party.

"I bid ten!" shouted George. He hadn't had a chance to bid on Jackie

and seemed keen to join in the fun.

"Ten bid!" I replied.

The bids then started to fly. Twenty, thirty, fifty. I was about to

sell for the same amount that Jackie had raised when I heard her voice

echo from the back of the room.

"Five hundred bucks!"

Again the room went completely silent. At first all eyes were on the

grinning Jackie, then slowly turning to me to judge my response. What

could I do? What could I say?

"Er...Sold, I suppose!" I managed to say.

Cheers went up around the room for the valiant purchaser. I remained a

little more quiet, sobering thoughts going through my mind. What task

would Kate be expected to complete for that sort of cash?

"What do you want me to do, Jackie?" Kate's voice sounded a lot more

confident that I had expected.

"I think you know, Kate. Remember the last time we were together? Our


"Yes, I remember." Kate looked directly into her cousins eyes. This

was more than just a friendly glance.

"It's time for you to make that promise good, hon - take off your

panties and lie down on the floor!"

Frank, George and I all looked at each other in complete bemusement. I

think my friends expected me to have the answers to their unvoiced

questions but, truth be told, I was just as baffled as they were. All

I had managed to work out was that Kate and her cousin had obviously

made some sort of deal when they were teenagers and that the deal

appeared to be extremely sexual in nature. Not only that but, from the

way that Kate was wriggling out of her panties and obeying her older

relations instructions with out a word of argument, it seemed that the

deal was going to be sealed in front of us all!

"Please let me do this, John," my wife pleaded with me as she sat back

against the wall with her legs spread. "Last time Jackie and I met we

experimented. I kissed her pussy. She loved it so much she wanted to

do the same to me. But then we heard her mom coming and had to stop.

That was nearly twenty years ago and I've had to wait until now to let

her keep her promise."

How could I interfere? Why would I want to? I'd have to be a complete

idiot to put a stop to this, I thought!

"That's fine, girls! As long as you don't mind us watching, I don't

think you'll get any arguments from us boys!"

I heard grunts of agreement immediately from my three friends. We

decided to sit and watch the action from the comfort of the sofa.

Slowly, Jackie sank to her hands and knees and began to crawl towards

my wife's spread legs. Kate's eyes were closed, her hands planted

firmly on the carpeted floor. Her breathing heavy and deep with

anticipation. I watched intently as Jackie moved between her open

thighs and began to gently stroke the hot flesh of my wife's legs. Her

hands travelled the length of her long, tapered limbs, down to her

feet, massaging her toes softly and then slowly back up tracing gentle

patterns with her fingernails. Further up and up Jackie's hands

travelled until they were on the insides of Kate's thighs again only

inches from her now visible pussy. Kate moaned out loud as she felt

her cousins cool fingers gently pry open her pink, wet labia and

slowly rotate a digit over her engorged clit. I shifted uncomfortably

in my seat. My wife's clitoris was not the only thing round here

engorged. I realised that whilst I had been watching the show that was

being put on, I had developed an erection that was straining painfully

in my pants. I threw a fleeting look at my sofa companions and

realised that they all sported major bulges as well! Not surprising

really, I thought!

We all watched closely as Jackie's head began to sink lower and lower

between Kate's open thighs. Kate howled and I knew that her cousin's

tongue had made contact.

"Oh...yes....lick me Jacks...suck me baby!"

For a second, Jackie raised her head and smacked her lips. The broad

smile on her face told the whole story; she had obviously been waiting

to do this for a long time.

"Just lie back and enjoy, baby!"

And then her head was gone again; buried between my wife's thighs and

loud slurping and sucking noises echoed around the room. Kate, it

seemed, was finding it tough to keep still. Her head rocked back and

forth as she received the exquisite tongue bath that she had been

promised for so long. Her hips bounced raising her butt up from the

floor and almost presenting her pussy as a gift to her lover. I had

never really thought of my wife as bisexual and a part of me wondered

if this revelation would change anything between us. I didn't really

know the answer to that, all I did know was that I would be more than

happy for her to entertain me in this fashion as often as she wanted


"Oh God, Jackie! I'm gonna....cum....Oh,


As her orgasm ripped through her body, Kate's hips jumped up and down

like a kid on a trampoline. Jackie had slipped her hands under her

cousin's butt to support her as her face flooded with fluid, and, at

the point that Kate orgasmed, I saw her lover slide a finger between

her butt cheeks and up deep into her anus causing her to shake

uncontrollably and release another jet of sex juice into Jackie's


Leaving my trembling wife, writhing and twitching on the carpet,

Jackie stood and took off her top completely.

"Time for a little more fun now, boy's" she said laughing in our

direction. "You all look like you got boners fit to burst!" Now a

little recovered from her shattering climax's, Kate joined her cousin

and stood by her side in front of us. She had removed her clothes

completely and her small, pert breasts contrasted beautifully with her

cousin's fuller figure.

"Take them out boy's," said Kate, smiling, "Jackie and I are going to

have a sucking race!"

Well, I couldn't have got my cock out quickly enough - although I

think Frank still beat me to it! The girls started at each end of the

sofa - George and me - and sucked like pro's! Jackie was working on

me, and the thought of another woman's lips around my tool, coupled

with the sight of my own wife gobbling one of our best friends, caused

me to lose it big time! I don't think I've ever cum so fast! Next to

me, Frank did little better and exploded into Jackie's mouth a few

seconds before Kate managed to coax Lenny's semen from his balls with

her lips locked around his glans and her little finger in his ass.

That night our three George, Lenny and Frank stayed over - no way were

they going to leave! - None of us went to bed, but instead stayed up

all night fucking, sucking and groping until the sun broke through the

lounge windows. By then we were all completely exhausted. I'd cum at

least three times - a definite record for me - and I'd lost count of

the orgasms that the girls had experienced. It seemed that whilst Kate

had never tried it, Jackie was no stranger to anal sex and we all had

great fun watching as Frank, with Jackie's help, tried over and over

to penetrate my wife's back door with his big dick. Eventually,

however her tight rear opening did concede and she ended up with Frank

dumping a huge load of his cum over her upturned ass cheeks.

The party may have turned into a gang-bang orgy, but I shall always

remember it for the Auction game!


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