Small Town Girl

Small Town Girl:
Spanking Stories
There weren't a lot of places for a girl to work in a town as
small as Buchanan, Texas. There were even fewer places when that girl
had been known as kind of a smart mouthed brat, and had been exercising
her sharp tongue on every boy in school from the time she'd turned ten.
Zoe had always been something of a tomboy, and had never really
learned to curb her tongue. Boys, after all, were pretty stupid, and
crude, and ignorant, as a rule,
and she didn't see any reason why she should hide her opinions of them.
She kept her blonde hair cut short too, in a kind of pageboy cut.
Combined with the baggy, boyish clothes she generally wore a lot of
people wondered if she might be more interested in girls than boys. She
wasn't really all that interested in either, but that didn't stop the talk.
Without a lot of choices Zoe went to work at Phil's garage on the
edge of town right after graduating high school.
It was a good sized place, with three bays and four pumps just off
the county highway. In dirty jeans and T-shirt she made change, pumped
gas, and cleaned windshields while trying to write a romance novel.
One of the other employees was Bo Wrightman, a big, husky boy only
a few years older than her. Bo often worked shirtless, and even though
Zoe thought he was kind of a stupid clunker she had to admire his
powerful chest. In fact, he looked so good without his shirt, especially
sweating in the hot weather, that she used him as her male romantic lead.
Every time she needed to write a description about her male lead
she'd look across at Bo, at how powerfully masculine he was and how he
looked when his long hair swept down around his shoulders.
Zoe liked to be as exact, as precise, as possible in her writing,
knowing she had
an awful lot of competition out there. And in addition to Bo she
sometimes tried things
out on other people around town, or around the garage.
One of the things she decided she needed to try out was getting a
spanking. Her parents had been pretty liberal for Texas, and even though
she was a wilful child, they had never really spanked her. Since she was
going to write in a great angry romantic scene in which her hero spanked
her heroine she had some concern about just what it was like to be spanked.
How did it feel anyway, both physically and, well, emotionally? It
must be awful embarrassing for a grown woman to find herself thrown
across some man's lap, have her skirts hiked up and get spanked.
Not that she was going to let any man pull her skirt up and spank
her on the bare buns, of course. Zoe would only go so far for accuracy's
sake, and, being kind of a tomboy, had no intention of giving any creep
of a local boy an eyeful just to describe a spanking better.
No, it was going to be embarrassing enough letting someone spank
her backside a few times without going that far. She'd keep her skirt,
er, her trousers on, thank you very much.
After she'd decided it would be helpful in describing the scene,
she had to decide who she wanted to provoke into spanking her. There was
no question of asking anyone. Word of that could get around and people
would think she was some kind of sicko. No, she would have to be spanked
against her will. People wouldn't think that was even worth talking
about, smart mouth that she was.

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