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Teacher's Aide (teacher/student(mf)/cons./romantic/spanking) - fiction

by D.A.P. The following work is entirely fictional and in no way

represents past events or real people nor does it seek to promote

adult/teenager sexual relations as a way of life. It is merely a story to

be read for the enjoyment (hopefully) of a tale told well for those who

find this sort of subject matter interesting or exciting. No person under

18 years of age (or 21, depending on where you live) should download or

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"Would you people get quiet?" Mr. Anthony yelled for the fourth or

fifth time during the same 7th period U.S. History class. They were

unruly again as they almost always were, here near the tiring, irritating

end of yet another tiring, irritating school day. He had tried yelling

and cajoling and bribing, but nothing had worked with this group all year

long. He finally gives up trying to explain Reconstruction and tells the

students to work on their homework assignment for the rest of the period.

As had become his habit in this, the worst of his classes, Mr. Anthony

glanced over to the one part of the room where he's sure he'll see one

friendly, attentive face. He drinks in Robin's face for as long as he

dares, noticing as he does that she's actually trying to get the kids

around her to be quiet so that she can get some homework done. The

teacher leaves his eyes on her just a second too long, though, and Robin

looks up at him and catches his eye. She beams her biggest, sweetest

smile when she sees that he's watching and shrugs her shoulders as if to

say, "I can't get them to be quiet either." It's a scene that has

repeated itself over and over again this school year, because this entire

section of U.S. History seems to be populated entirely with assholes with

the single exception of the pretty, brown-haired 16-year-old.

It's finally, mercifully over. The bell rings and the kids zoom out,

again with the only exception being Robin, of course. As is her habit

very nearly every day, Robin comes by Mr. Anthony's desk and says, "See ya

tomorrow." He smiles up at her, feeling a little uneasy at the same time

that he appreciates her trying to be so genuinely friendly. He does his

best to stare off into the middle distance after she turns and starts

walking out, but he finds his gaze invariably drawn back to her. He

intently watches her firm, youthful (if a bit wide) ass as it sways back

and forth while she walks out into the hallway. No more kids will bother

him today. Eighth period is a planning period for him, which, after one

of his usual days, often means a collapse-on-his-desk period so he has

energy enough to drive home after school.

"Thank God, the end of the day," Mr. Anthony's groans softly to

himself when Robin's ass disappears out his door while he rubs his temples

to try to relieve some of his daily dose of tension. He knows that it's

very, very dangerous for him to think this way about one of his female

students. It's the single quickest way to leave the teaching profession

early nowadays with sexual harassment on everyone's mind. Of course, all

teachers did it, both male and female. The clothes that the kids wore -

that their parents LET them wear! - were just too damn provocative and

revealing for any normal human not to at least look at them, either down

the front of a low-cut blouse or up a too-short mini-skirt, or, for the

female teachers, at the conspicuous bulges in the front of male students'

sweat pants or jeans. "The problem," Mr. Anthony thinks, with a tired

sigh, "was not to let yourself dwell or fixate on a student, no matter how

hard they tried to get you to sometimes."

Robin had been trying her best to get him to do just that for weeks

now. He had become convinced quite some time back that he wasn't just

flattering himself by thinking that a cute girl half his age had the hots

for him. She had convinced him. Some of the attempted flirtations by 16-

and 17-year-olds were so obvious as to be laughable. Hell, the 13- and

14-year-old ninth graders who he taught had tried it, too. The obvious

ones were so obvious that they were easy to push aside and resist.

Robin, on the other hand, was doing everything as properly as could be

done. No winks or overenthusiastic brushes against him amongst the

hallway traffic. No silly compliments about his tie or the clothes he

wore. She was much more subtle than that, and that was what worried him.

He was afraid that she might be serious about him, and even more afraid

that he wanted her to be serious.

He had taught Robin earlier, and, back then - when she would have been

about 13 or 14 - she was just another one of the troublemakers, yapping

constantly and doing everything she could think of to actually keep from

working. In other words, she was a pretty typical high school student and

in no way attractive to an adult. But, between her freshman and junior

years, some sort of metamorphosis had taken place. He had noticed it from

nearly the first day of the new school year. She was attentive; she

studied; she did her homework, and her grades showed it, too. She was

running on the borderline between an "A" and a "B" whereas in the ninth

grade she had always been hanging between a "D" and an "F". He was

thrilled about that part of her transformation. The part that scared him

was the fact that when she dropped by his room during his free periods or

stopped in after school to talk to him (which she had made a habit of

doing at least once almost every day) she actually sat and talked with him

like an adult. No giggling, no preening - none of that stuff.

When he was with Robin, Mr. Anthony found it very easy to imagine that

he was talking to someone 10 years older if he blotted out for a moment

how she looked and who she was. He tried hard not to do that, but found

himself doing it more and more often though it worried him immensely. She

had even taken to coming in her study hall - this period in fact - and

doing grading and stapling and other chores for him. He kept thinking

that he shouldn't let her do it, but she was so damn helpful - and fast

and hardworking - and he was so bogged down in paperwork that he kept

letting her do it. And, found himself feeling more and more pleased each

time she showed up in his doorway for whatever reason.

"Speaking of that, I wonder where she is today?" he thought, a frown

passing over his face at the thought of not seeing her outside of class.

He caught himself thinking that way and harshly reminded himself that she

was young and had better things to do, and then went about grading his own

papers, trying mightily while he did to keep an image of her gently

swaying butt from intruding on his thoughts.

**** END PART 1 "Teacher's Aide"

"Teacher's Aide" part 2...

By the time that Mr. Anthony finally gave up on grading papers, the

janitors had already bumped through and were gone for the evening. He sat

and listened for a few minutes. The building was perfectly quiet. He

supposed that it must be one of those rare evenings when there wasn't some

sort of meeting going on in the building. He took a quick glance out the

window at the parking lot, and, sure enough, his was the only vehicle in

sight. "Hell, it's 5:45! No damn wonder everyone else is gone," he

thought sarcastically, "they're all gone home to family and all that happy


He looked down at the mass of tests still to be graded, and decided

that the grading would go much more smoothly if he was home in his little

apartment with his feet up and a margarita on the stand beside his chair

than it would here in this stuffy little classroom. With that in mind,

Mr. Anthony began to gather up his materials, but stopped a moment later

in complete surprise when he heard a light tapping at the door to his room

and then the sounds of someone trying to turn the doorknob. "Well, who

the hell is that?" he thought grumpily, readying himself for more

aggravation. "There must have been someone else here after all and

probably some silly ass who wants to yap and keep me here even later,"

and, then, as the doorknob kept rattling insistently, "Goddamn janitor

must have locked it when he came through." He got up and went over to

open it for whatever teacher was crazy enough to be working this late.

Actually, he usually locked it himself when he was working this late

because there were a few of his older male students who, while they'd

never have the nerve to jump him in public, might just talk themselves

into trying if they caught him here alone. That thought brought him up

short for a moment, and he hesitated in opening the door.

"Who is it?" he called through the locked door instead of saying,

"Hang on, I'll be there in a seconds," as he had been about to say.

"It's just me," said the quiet, female voice from the other side of

the door. Instantly, the teacher's heart began pumping blood faster as he

recognized Robin's voice. He was so surprised that he froze for a moment,

but, before he allowed himself to think of too many reasons why he

shouldn't, Mr. Anthony reached out and opened the door for her.

Robin was still wearing the same clothes that she had worn to school

that day. Something else that Mr. Anthony had noticed about Robin this

year was that she was dressing much more neatly and taking greater care

about such things as her makeup (though she didn't wear much) and her

hair. As a freshman, she had come to school quite often looking like she

had just rolled out of bed. What she had on now was much more indicative

of the "new" Robin.

The 16-year-old had on a bulky, pullover sweater which hid the fact

that she had rather small breasts (Robin wore such sweaters often enough

that Mr. Anthony would have been willing to bet that she was a bit ashamed

of the fact that her chest hadn't developed the same way the rest of her

body had). With that, she wore a pleated skirt that came up to just above

her knees. The skirt was cut so that her hips (which she probably thought

were too wide) didn't look quite so full and was short enough that her

smooth, creamy legs were still readily visible without being so short (as

many teenage girls' skirts often were) that she looked slutty or downright

silly as some of her classmates did. And, she had on the faintest hint of

perfume. It was something light and very nice. The scent wafting into

Mr. Anthony's nostrils was just strong enough to make him breathe in

deeply in spite of his fears. It also made him want to get closer and

rather than being so strong and cloyingly sweet that it made him gag

instead - as was also the norm with female teenagers. Her hair was worn

loose and pulled back behind her ears and was just long enough so that the

bottom of her light brown hair barely brushed against her shoulders when

she turned her head from side to side. In other words, Robin was dressed

in a smart, classy, very adult manner. It was something that Mr. Anthony

couldn't help but notice, though he had tried mightily to do just that.

"Well, hello there, Miss Varick," he said as she walked past him into

the room. "What in the world are you doing at school this time of day?"

He tried to make his voice as calm and as matter-of-fact as possible, and

immediately felt sure that he had failed miserably. Robin didn't seem to

notice though, walking quickly up to his desk while he closed the door

(after a nervous peek outside to make sure that the hallway was empty),

and plunked down in the position she always occupied when she dropped by

during a free period or after school - the desk right in front of his

teacher's desk, sitting so that she faced him when he sat behind his desk.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Mr. A, you were about to leave weren't you?" Robin

said when she noticed his half-loaded briefcase as Mr. Anthony circled

around her and sat down behind his desk.

"Ah, well, I guess, but I'm in no hurry," he answered with a smile,

wondering even as he said it why he didn't take the easy way out of this

situation that she had just offered. "You didn't answer me. I'm stuck

here grading papers, but you're gotta have better things to do than hang

around school three hours after it's let out for the day. So, what

gives?" he asked again with a gentle smile. Robin had relaxed and slumped

down more comfortably into her desk as soon as Mr. Anthony had told her he

was in no hurry, but she tensed up again, sitting straighter in her seat,

when he repeated his question.

"Oh, it's my folks again," she said, trying to make it sound like it

was no big deal at all. Robin had told Mr. Anthony earlier in the year

that her mom and step-father fought a lot, but she had passed it off as

not being that bad. He had suspected at the time that it was, and her

presence here tonight confirmed his suspicions. "I just didn't feel like

listening to them scream at each other any more so I left and was out

walking around and, well, I came by here and saw your light on and that

your car was still here. So, here I am," she finished with a brave smile,

and Mr. Anthony smiled back at her.

"Okay, fair enough," he said, and was relieved to see her body visibly

relax again.

"Thanks. I don't want to be a nuisance," Robin added.

"Nah, you're not a nuisance," he answered with a grin, relaxing a bit

himself. "You can hang out as long as you like. Well, I mean, you can

hang out 'til I leave. I wouldn't think that you'd want to spend the

night locked inside the school." Robin giggled at that, making her eyes

sparkle as they always did when she laughed, and those sparkling eyes made

Mr. Anthony's heart skip a beat or two again as he joined in her laughter.

"For that matter, I wouldn't want to spend the night here either!"

That made Robin laugh even harder, and both of them chuckled quietly for

several seconds before stopping; both student and teacher considerably

more at ease now than they had been a few minutes before.

In order to keep himself from just sitting and gawking at her, as he

would have loved to do, Mr. Anthony started grading tests again, figuring

that Robin would get tired of watching him and leave fairly quickly.

"I like hanging out with you," she spoke quietly a few moments later,

destroying the little concentration he had regained.

"I, uh, well, yeah, I like having you here," he sputtered back, not

sure at all how to answer a statement like that - not safely anyway.

Robin's face lit up with another wide smile when he said that, making Mr.

Anthony wonder if it been the wrong thing to say.

"Good!" Robin said and then suddenly hopped up, walked around the desk

and bent down to look over his shoulder at the test he was trying

unsuccessfully to grade. "Can I watch you grade tests?" she asked

sweetly, placing her hands on the desk beside him and supporting herself

on them. From this distance, her perfume drifted back into Mr. Anthony's

nostrils, providing very nearly more stimulus than he could stand. With a

start, he felt the beginnings of an erection swelling in his pants.

***** END PART 2 "Teacher's Aide" - fiction by D.A.P.

"Teacher's Aide" part 3...

"Sssure," he stammered, sounding more like a frightened teenager than

Robin. Mr. Anthony was thankful that she made no sign of noticing how

nervous he was even if she had. As she leaned over his desk, with her

left breast no more than 10 or 12 inches from his mouth, Mr. Anthony only

managed to mark three or four more questions before giving up and leaning

back in his chair. The shift helped with two things. It got his face a

safer distance from Robin's chest and gave her no further excuse to lean

over. Robin, however, didn't let that bother her as she turned to face

him again, leaning back against the edge of his desk with her butt.

"You know, it's, well, I'm not sure it's a good idea for you to be up

here," he finally got up the nerve to say haltingly as he put his hands

behind his head and tried his best to look calm. As soon as the words

were out of his mouth, he regretted them because the girl's pretty face

clouded with a frown. "I mean, I really like having you around, it's

just, well, you know people in a little town like this would talk if they

knew you were up here alone with me," he hurriedly added.

"Oh, I know Mr. A," she answered cheerfully; the smile returning to

her face just as quickly as it had vanished. "That's why I was extra

careful before I came into the building. I didn't think the doors would

be unlocked, but they were. So, before I came inside, I made extra sure

to look around to see if anyone was in any of the other rooms or across

the street who might see me," she explained proudly. Her words made Mr.

Anthony's heart race even faster. She had checked to make sure no one

would know she was alone with him?! He could barely believe his ears and

couldn't decide whether to be terrified or thrilled with the news.

"So, don't you worry, Mr. A," she went on, smiling down at him,

"nobody knows I'm here but me, and I would never, ever say anything to get

you into trouble."

"Well, uh, okay, I mean, uhhh, I know you wouldn't do that, Robin," he

finally managed to stutter out as he felt sweat pop out onto his forehead

despite the fact that the room was rather cool from the evening air softly

blowing through the open windows. He was so nervous that he proceeded to

do something that he always did when he was tired or nervous or both.

Rather than say anything else at the moment and make himself sound even

more edgy, Mr. Anthony began stretching his neck, rotating his head from

side to side, trying to loosen it up and give himself a chance to regain a

little composure.

"Oh, I bet your neck is killing you!" she cried sympathetically, and,

before Mr. Anthony could even begin to react, Robin hopped up off the edge

of his desk, scooted around behind his chair, and began rubbing at the

base of his neck with her warm, soft hands. It was as if an electric

current passed through his body at the touch of her fingers, and Mr.

Anthony jerked involuntarily.

"Oh, I'm sorry, did I hurt you?" Robin asked with her voice full of

concern and immediately stopped rubbing.

"Uh, unh, no, it's okay," he answered in a barely audible whisper.

"Oh, okay," she said happily and went back to massaging his neck with

what turned out to be surprisingly strong fingers. It felt wonderful, but

Mr. Anthony knew it was crazy to let her keep doing this. It was crazy to

let her touch him at all, considering how badly he wanted her. He knew

that the longer she kept this up, the more trouble he was going to have

controlling himself, but still he let her continue.

"God, your neck is stiff as a board!" Robin said with a laugh as she

began to really dig in with her fingers. "Poor Mr. A with all these silly

tests to grade. It's no wonder your neck is killing you. You gotta get

more rest and relax some," she gently lectured while she continued the

massage. By that point, Mr. Anthony could only grunt happily in the

affirmative. Her fingers were doing wonders for his neck and his


She worked on him for another 10 or 15 minutes, and he let her. Then,

she gave him one final, soft squeeze and stopped but left her hands on his

shoulders so that her fingers remained in contact with the bare skin of

his neck.

"Now, how was that? Feeling better?" she asked, leaning over to look

down at his face. Mr. Anthony turned to look up her with a big smile on

his face before answering.

"That was absolutely wonderf..." was all he got out of his mouth.

Between Robin bending forward and his turning his head toward her, there

remained only a scant five or six inches between the lips of teacher and

student. That was way too close. Robin acted as if she had a powerful

magnet implanted in her lips and Mr. Anthony's lips were made of solid

iron, so quickly did she cover the remaining distance between them,

smothering the rest of what her teacher was going to say with a kiss. It

wasn't a wild, animalistic kiss, but more of a firm, passionate one. But,

it still left nothing to the teacher's imagination as to what it was

intended to convey.

Robin pressed her soft pink lips to his, without nibbling or opening

her mouth, but neither did she lighten the pressure. The teacher,

desperately trying to breathe through his nose and think at the same time,

found the thinking part much harder to do. He found that his lips,

seemingly moving of their own accord, began kissing Robin back. And, the

two of them began nibbling at each other's lips as their kissing became

more and more and more passionate.

Moments later, Robin pivoted her body and slid down into Mr. Anthony's

lap, and he didn't do a single thing to stop her. He gasped softly into

the 16-year-old's mouth as her luscious ass pressed down onto his

erection. It was a bit painful for him to begin with, but the soft warmth

of her cheeks rubbing and chafing against his cock more than made up for

that. Then Robin reached up and wrapped her arms around her teacher's

neck without ever breaking her lip-lock on his mouth, and Mr. Anthony

hugged her warm young body tightly against his own.

By that point, the pair, acting more like two novice youngsters than a

16-year-old and a 32-year-old, had begin exploring each other's mouths

with their tongues, wrestling and sucking and plunging as they

mouth-fucked each other. Both were terribly frightened, but neither was

about to call a halt to what they were doing.

Mr. Anthony was frankly amazed at how well the young girl kissed which

made him feel a bit less guilty about what he was doing. Robin certainly

wasn't inexperienced - at least not at kissing. He might even have gotten

himself back under control and pushed her away or perhaps have kept his

indiscretion to merely kissing but for what the teacher felt next.

He was surprised that the front of his pants was beginning to get

damp, and his surprise changed to amazement as he realized what was

causing it. His nostrils confirmed what his sense of touch was already

telling him. Robin was so wet that she was soaking right through his pants

as well as her underwear! That realization did it for any thought of

turning back.

***** END PART 3 "Teacher's Aide" - fiction by D.A.P.

"Teacher's Aide" part 4...

Mr. Anthony pulled his lips away from Robin's but not to stop kissing

her. Oh, no. He merely began licking and kissing and nibbling his way

across her face, underneath her chin and then down her neck, which made

the youngster lean her head back and moan softly. He continued kissing

her throat, moving back and forth from ear to ear, periodically returning

to her soft pink lips.

"Oh God, Yes!" Robin moaned, nearly delirious. "Yes Mr. A! Mmmm,

ungh! Mmmmmm, God, how I've wanted you to do this to me! For so damn

long! Mmmm!"

Mr. Anthony could feel the front of his trousers getting wetter and

wetter and could smell Robin's sex enticing him. He began to move his

hands over her body while he kissed her, rubbing her back and massaging

her small breasts through the fabric of her sweater while his hunger for

her grew.

"Please Mr. A! Please do me! Please!" Robin moaned into his mouth

while he pinched one of her hard nipples between his fingers. "Doing"

Robin was exactly what Mr. Anthony had in mind. His passion had

completely overwhelmed his self-control.

"Yes! Yes Robin!" he panted against her neck as his hands groped her

breasts. The youngster reached down with one hand and pulled her sweater

up around her neck in response to his fondling, and the teacher suddenly

found his hands grasping firm, young flesh. Mr. Anthony leaned over and

sucked his young student's left nipple between his lips, hungrily nursing

on the large pink aureole. The girl had small breasts, not much more

developed than the chest of a boy, but her little tits were soft and

inviting and beautiful with their large pink nipples (now wrinkled and

hard in erection) and were decorated with a healthy sprinkling of


"Oh God yes!" Robin gasped, grabbing a handful of the older man's hair

to hold onto while she tried to grind her tits even harder against his

sucking, nibbling mouth. The teacher sucked both nipples voraciously, but

finally her moaning and the smell of her wet cunt were too much to ignore.

He had to have her - now!

Mr. Anthony slid to the front edge of his chair - no small feat with

140 or 150 pounds of wet, wiggling teenager in his lap - got his legs

under him and stood up far enough to plop Robin's ass onto the edge of his

desk. He moved his hands to reach for her sex, but his young student was

even faster and more anxious than he was. As soon as Robin realized what

Mr. Anthony was doing to her, she leaned back on the desk, propping

herself up on her elbows, and spread her legs wide for her teacher to come


"Do me Mr. A! I want you in me! Do me now!" she grunted, sounding

almost like an animal in heat instead of a human. Mr. Anthony's nostrils

flared again as he got an even stronger whiff of Robin's pussy juices when

she spread her legs for him.

He leaned forward and yanked his student's skirt up around her waist,

ready to rip her panties off if he couldn't get them down fast enough, but

what he found both shocked and delighted him. Staring back at him,

looking absolutely delicious, was Robin's bare, glistening mound. Mr.

Anthony looked up at Robin and found her grinning down at him.

"I didn't think I'd be needing my panties for long so I took 'em off

downstairs and stuck 'em in my purse," she said with a sly smile. "Hurry

up and do me Mr. A - before I explode!" she added emphatically, and her

teacher needed no further urging.

Mr. Anthony leaned forward and rammed his face as tightly as he could

right into the young girl's sex-slimy twat, making Robin grunt happily.

"Ungh! Ungh! Ungh!" Robin began grunting rhythmically as the older

man began to explore every nook and cranny of her young, tender pussy with

his tongue and fingers. Mr. Anthony couldn't believe how delicious she

was as he parted her slick cunt lips and took a long, slow slurp all the

way down her slit. His young student's pussy had a nearly transparent

covering of soft brown hair that did nothing to hide the beauty of it - or

to impede his eating it! Her fat, pouty outer lips shone and glistened

with juices, and Robin was so aroused that the bright pink interior of her

slit was visible even without having her teacher spread her lips. Robin's

vagina was incredibly tight, Mr. Anthony soon discovered, as he had to

really work to get his tongue inside her very far at all. And, he was

barely able to get a second finger inside her despite her wetness.

"Oooooooo, God, yes, suck it!" Robin squealed every time her teacher

came anywhere near her hard little clit, and he was more than happy to

oblige. Only the third or fourth suck on Robin's clit made her nubile

young body jerk and spasm in her orgasm. Mr. Anthony paused for a moment,

thinking that she might want to catch her breath, but his student kept

urging him on, pumping her cunt into his face, so he went right back to

eating her.

By now, Mr. Anthony's hard-on was almost unbearable. He had to do

something to get some relief for himself, but again the young girl was

already ahead of his thinking.

"Do me Mr. A! Please stick your cock in me! Please!" Robin begged;

her voiced was filled with yearning. Even had Mr. Anthony been strong

enough to resist otherwise, the sound of Robin's sweet voice begging him

to fuck her would have sent him over the edge in uncontrolled lust. He

stopped eating her for the moment and stood up between her widely spread

legs. Those same firm, luscious legs that he had admired so many times in

class and in the hall, so beautiful despite the tiny amount of baby fat

they still carried.

He was so damn nervous that he fumbled with his belt buckle and zipper

for several seconds, so Robin came to his rescue again. She sat back up,

gave him a quick kiss and then reached down, deftly unfastening his belt

and pants button and then unzipping him. Nervous as he was, even Mr.

Anthony could take it from there, and he yanked his trousers and shorts

down in a single movement.

His rock hard cock sprang free of the confines of his clothing like a

rocket trying to launch from Cape Canaveral, standing straight out stiffly

at attention and pointing exactly where it wanted to go - straight at

Robin's slimy little cunt.

"Ooooo, Mr. A, what a pretty cock!" she cooed and then reached down to

wrap the fingers of one hand around his shaft. Mr. Anthony felt as though

another bold of electricity had shot through his body when Robin touched

his penis, and he was afraid for just a moment that he might cum all over

her without even getting his cock inside her, but it was just his

excitement. While Robin gently stroked his shaft for a few moments, he

calmed down just a bit and realized that he hadn't cum yet. He watched,

utterly fascinated, as Robin smiled at him and then slid slowly off of the

desk top. After her feet touched the floor, she bent her knees and

squatted down so that her face was at the same level as his cock.

***** END PART 4 "Teacher's Aide" - fiction by D.A.P.

"Oh my, yes! Oh yes, Robin!" he gasped as the 16-year-old leaned her

head forward and slurped about four inches of his fat cock into her lovely

mouth, skillfully sliding back the thick foreskin with her teeth as she

inhaled his shaft. He reached out a hand and began stroking her hair

which was just about all he was capable of doing, other than breathing, as

Robin began sucking his cock just as well or better than anyone he'd ever

been with before. And, all of those women had many more years of

experience than this youngster had. She sucked him deeply but gently,

and, after a few moments of exquisite pleasure, she pulled her mouth off

of his dick and stood back up.

"Mmmmmm, you're so tasty!" she cooed after giving her teacher a big

kiss on the lips, "but I don't want my favorite teacher to cum just yet.

I want you to fuck me first! I want you inside me with that big cock!"

she said quietly but emphatically. Mr. Anthony was barely able to grunt

and nod in response. He would have done anything the young girl told him

by that point.

He was a bit surprised when, after yanking her sweater the rest of the

way off, freeing her small breasts entirely, Robin turned her back on him

and lay down on her belly across his desk with her feet still on the

floor. Surprised yes, but boy did it give him a grand view! Robin's skirt

was still gathered up around her hips so her teacher had a clear view of

the luscious ass that he had admired on so many occasions in class. The

teenager's ass was wide - but NOT fat! Her cheeks were firm and creamy

and luscious with well-defined globes of freckled flesh. While he was

admiring the view for a moment, Robin slid her feet wider so that her

crack opened and her tiny pink asshole as well as the bottom of her pussy

slit came into view. Both holes glistened with moisture from her earlier

orgasm, and Mr. Anthony was left breathless by how beautiful she was.

"Do me Mr. A!" she repeated, looking back over her shoulder at him and

suddenly looking much more serious than she had. "You can do me any way

you want to! I'm yours!" she added, making his heart leap with lust.

"God yes, I want you, too!" he grunted and stepped forward. Both

student and teacher grunted loudly as the thick, uncircumsized head of Mr.

Anthony's cock bumped into the slimy lips of Robin's nearly virginal cunt.

He reached out and grabbed her luscious thighs with both hands and

began pulling himself forward - into her hot, drooling sex.

"Unghhhhhh!" the young girl groaned as her tiny vagina tried to

stretch and expand to take her teacher's large pecker inside it. She

ground her body back against his, trying to swallow up every inch of his

cock with her pussy. "God," thought Mr. Anthony through his lustful haze,

"she's so tight that it's like trying to drive my cock though a board!"

After several seconds of pushing, the teacher had only managed to insert

his thick cockhead into her hole, and he stopped there for a moment or

two, letting her cunt muscles relax some, before pressing forward again.

"Awwwww, mmmmmmm!" Robin cried breathlessly, mewling like a cat, as

Mr. Anthony slowly stuffed his hard cock into her tiny cunt centimeter by

centimeter until he finally had about four inches of his vibrating tool

inside her. There, he stopped again, needing to catch his breath while he

enjoyed the exquisite sensation of his young student's pussy grabbing and

sucking at his cock, but Robin wasn't ready for him to stop.

"Mr. A! Stop screwin' around and screw me!" she grunted emphatically,

turning her sparkling brown eyes back on him. "I want it all! Fuck me!

Fuck me with your whole cock! Do anything you want to me!" she cried with

a desperate hunger in her voice. And, as if to underscore her request,

the 16-year-old began to push her ass back against her teacher, trying to

engulf even more of his cock with her cunt.

"Bbbbut, I don't want to hurt you!" Mr. Anthony managed to gasp out

breathlessly, still holding his cock steady at the four-inch mark.

"I don't care! I don't care! Fuck me Mr. Anthony! Fuck me!" Robin

cried, humping her ass harder against his cock now, and Mr. Anthony

completely gave up on trying to control his lust.

He took a quick, deep breath and shoved himself forward, catching

Robin's ass and pussy coming back toward him, and imbedded all seven

inches of his hard rod into the girl's tiny pussy!

"Ahhhhhh! Arghhhhh! Ungh!" Robin squealed and grunted breathlessly

as her teacher's cock slid all the way home, stretching her young cunt

well beyond anything she had experienced before. He was so deep inside

her that she could feel his cock hair tickling the crack of her ass.

"Oomph!" went Mr. Anthony as he expelled a lungfull of air when his

cock slid home all the way inside the youngster, wedged in tighter than he

would have imagined a dick could get wedged inside a pussy. Robin's

vagina sucked and squeezed and massaged his pecker. He had never felt

anything like this before, had never felt anything so wonderful! He only

paused a second or two to enjoy the sensations, though, because he was way

past ready to give his student the fucking that she wanted. He gripped

Robin's hips firmly with his hands and began to yank his cock back out of

her amazing cunt. It was no easy task. Her pussy didn't want to give up

what it had wanted inside it so badly. But, finally, with a loud sucking

sound as if some vacuum seal had been broken, Mr. Anthony's cock moved,

and he was able to pull it back so that just the thick head was still

inside the young girl's twat.

Then, he plunged in again shoving all seven inches back inside Robin

at once, and she squealed loudly - whether in delight or in pain or a

combination of the two, he couldn't tell. And, he was so crazed with lust

that he really didn't care at that precise moment. All that mattered to

him right now was his cock and her cunt and fucking it just as hard and as

fast as he could.

Robin's squeals and grunts gradually subsided in volume but kept pace

with her teacher's stroking in and out of her cunt. She seemed perfectly

content to let him ram and stretch her cunt all night long.

"Unghhh! Unghhhh! Unghhhhhh!" her grunts lengthened as Mr. Anthony

regained a bit of control and began using longer and slower but even more

emphatic strokes into the young girl's twat. Her grunting was

interspersed with an occasional "Fuck me!" or a "Shove it in me!" but, for

the most part, Robin was so into getting fucked that she could only grunt

incoherently. That was more noise that Mr. Anthony had the energy to

make, though. He was fairly amazed that he hadn't cum all over the place

yet as hot as Robin had gotten him, but he was beginning to get that

tell-tale tingling in his cockhead which told him it wouldn't be much

longer before he did.

***** END PART 5 "Teacher's Aide" - fiction by D.A.P.

"Teacher's Aide" part 6 (final)...

Suddenly, Mr. Anthony stopped dead still with his dick firmly planted

all the way up to his balls in his student's hot, tight cunt as the

realization of his impending orgasm triggered another, more serious


"Robin honey, are you on the pill?" he asked, holding his cock

absolutely still inside her, willing himself not to cum yet.

"Oh, ooo, no, Mr. A, ummmm, ahhh," she answered slowly, looking back

over her shoulder at him, still wiggling her ass against his pelvis.

"Just be really careful, ummmm, ahhh, when you're about to cum."

"Well, yeah, we don't want you getting pregnant, Sweetheart," he

answered; his brow still creased in a frown.

"Ummm, oooo, just pull it out when you're ready, ummm, to, ah, cum,"

the brown-haired cutie grunted, "'cause, mmmm, ah, I want to suck you dry,

ahhh, ooo, anyway." Mr. Anthony nearly blew his load right up inside her

just from the mental image Robin put in his head of her swallowing his cum

down her sweet throat. It was something he'd fantasized of doing to Robin

many times but would never have asked her to do.

"Uh, okay honey," he grunted quietly, beginning to slide his cock in

and out of her ever so slowly again, trying to make this absolutely

awesome fuck last as long as he could.

"Oh, God, yes! Fuck me Mr. A! Fuck me hard!" Robin wailed, making

the teacher immediately go into overdrive with his cockstrokes again.

Even after all this, though, he was still taken a little by surprise by

the teenager's next shouted command.

"Spank me, Mr. A! Slap my ass so I can cum!" Robin cried plaintively,

grinding her ass harder and harder back against the older man's long, hard

strokes. "Please spank me!" Mr. Anthony shook his head, still not quite

believing that he was hearing such a request from a 16-year-old, but

finally decided to give her what she wanted. He slowed his stroking down

again and took the open palm of his right hand and slapped Robin lightly

on her pale, freckled ass cheek, making a barely audible, "smack". He

immediately felt the young girl's cunt grab onto his cock even tighter

than it had before, and he had to fight to regain enough control not to

cum inside her.

"Harder, Mr. A. spank me harder!" she cried breathlessly, so he did

it. "Smack!" cracked his palm against her ass, hard enough this time to

leave bright red finger marks on her pale skin, and the effect on the girl

was miraculous. Mr. Anthony gasped out loud a split second after slapping

Robin's ass as her cunt seemed to try and pinch off his cock inside it,

and he felt her body begin to shake and spasm as she shot over the edge

into orgasm again.

"Oh, God, I'm cumming" the teacher shouted, loosing control entirely.

He had just enough presence of mind to yank his twitching cock out of

Robin's tight pink hole barely in time to spew the first long splash of

jism across her ass cheeks and up her bare back, luckily with only a drop

of two getting on her bunched-up skirt. Robin, hearing her teacher call

out, moved speedily despite her own body's shaking and writhing and

managed to turn and kneel very nearly in time to catch the second splat of

cum in her mouth. She just missed, though, and the sticky white glob

splattered on her forehead and splashed up into her hair.

Robin got the next one, though, wrapping her lips around the head of

Mr. Anthony's spewing cock and sucking and swallowing mightily, draining

every single drop of her teacher's sperm down her throat, while Mr.

Anthony could only stand there, trying to keep from hyperventilating and

barely able to reach down and stroke his pretty student's hair while she

continued to suck his cock magnificently.

"Damn! That was great!" she whispered softly, taking her teacher's

cock from between her lips for a moment to speak.

"You're telling me!" Mr. Anthony answered breathlessly, softly running

his fingers through Robin's hair while she went back to work, gently

slurping on his rapidly deflating cock. "Oh, Darling, I'm sorry that I

got stuff all over you, but I came so damn fast!" Mr. Anthony apologizes

when he sees the strand of sperm on Robin's forehead and in her hair.

"Hehehe, hmmmm," she giggled, after kissing the tip of his penis once

more, "I don't mind having your cum on me. I'd take a bath in it if I

could Mr. A!" That said, Robin reached up with one finger and wiped the

jism off of her forehead and then sucked it off her finger. "Damn, you're

delicious!" she says, grinning and smacking her lips.

"So are you Honey, so are you!" Mr. Anthony answers sincerely.

"Ooo, damn! I gotta get outa here and get home!" the 16-year-old

exclaims when she glances up at the wall clock. "Hang on while I run down

to the ladies' room and get the rest of this off of me." Mr. Anthony has

to grin as he watches the young girl race for the door, with one hand

clutching her sweater and purse, and the other one holding her skirt up

around her waist so that it doesn't get any more cum on it. He sighs and

smiles contentedly as he watches her bare ass cheeks and tits wiggle and

jiggle out of sight.

Mr. Anthony slumps back down in his chair, too drained to even pull

his pants up, and waits for Robin to return. She's back in a few minutes,

fully clothed unfortunately, and sits down on top of the desk in front of

his again, grinning from ear to ear. Her grin gets even wider when he

sees her reach into her purse and pull out her panties, and then it's his

turn to grin as he gets to watch her slowly and sensuously pull them up

her legs and over her luscious young pussy.

"Whew!" he breathes quietly when she's finished, feeling the stirrings

of another erection jolting through his cock.

"That was absolutely wonderful Teach!" she says quietly, smiling at

him while she walks around to his side of the desk. Then, she kneels down

until her face is level with his already one-third erect cock. "Damn, I

sure wish I had the time for us to put this to use," she says wistfully,

smiling up at him, "but I don't won't to get in trouble the very first

time we make love." Mr. Anthony nods in agreement, especially happy to

hear her say "the first time". "So, I'll just give this gorgeous cock a

goodbye kiss," she coos and then leans over to gently kiss the head of Mr.

Anthony's pecker and softly sucks it two or three times. "So he'll

remember me."

"Robin, there's no doubt that my cock will remember you quite well,"

Mr. Anthony sighed, reaching out to run his fingers through her hair


"So, does that mean that I can count on you to give me the extra,

ummmm, help I need after school?" Robin asks with a sly smile as she gives

his cock a final kiss and stands up, straightening her clothing as she


"Yes ma'am, it does indeed," he answered; all thought of caution and

his teaching career are blocked out completely for the moment. "Anytime

you need help, you just let me know, and I'll be more than happy to give

you anything you need!"

"Cool!" she replied sweetly, looking for just a moment exactly the

part of a sweet, innocent 16-year-old, but then she leaned over and gave

her teacher a hard, hot, wet kiss before grabbing up her bag and fairly

prancing out the door, stopping only long enough to wave and blow him a

kiss before disappearing into the hallway.

"Well, damn!" Mr. Anthony muttered softly after she had gone. He

finally got up enough energy to get dressed, gather up his things and head

for home, thinking all the while that you just never knew when the teacher

would end up learning something from the student.

***** END PART 6/END OF STORY "Teacher's Aide" - fiction by D.A.P.

Teacher's Aide II: Robin Comes Calling (teacher/student (mf),

spanking, anal, consensual, romantic) - fiction by D.A.P. The following

work is entirely fictional and in no way represents past events or real

people nor does it seek to promote adult/teenager sexual relations as a

way of life. It is merely a story to be read for the enjoyment

(hopefully) of a tale told well for those who find this sort of subject

matter interesting or exciting. No person under 18 years of age (or 21,

depending on where you live) should download or read this material as it

is of an entirely adult nature.

The author would appreciate any comments - both positive (naturally)

and negative - as long as they are logical and constructive. Those who

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Those wishing to sample the ealier meeting between Mr. Anthony and his

student, Robin, should check out "Teacher's Aide" previously posted on

this newsgroup.

Teacher's Aide II: Robin Comes Calling

Mr. Anthony spent the whole week following his mind-blowing Monday

night meeting with Robin worrying about it. He can't get her creamy

thighs and tight pink snatch out of his mind while, at the same time, he

can't stop himself from wondering what will happen if she tells anyone

about what they did to each other. He finally resolves to tell her that,

no matter how much they enjoyed fucking, it can't ever be allowed to

happen again. He resolves to tell her all that the first private moment he

has with her. He has been immensely relieved by the fact that she's acted

no differently at all in class. No scenes of any sort, pleasant or

otherwise. She's still acting the part of the mature young lady. In fact,

the only change is that she's not come in during his free periods or after

school as much which is something that both disappoints and relieves him.

And, when she had come in, it's only been for a moment or two to say

"hello" or to ask about an assignment, and then she flits off long before

he can get up the nerve to have the serious talk with her that he has


And, quite to Mr. Anthony's surprise, that's all that happens until

the Friday after their desk-top fuck.

Seventh period history has gone like it usually does - poorly - but

Mr. Anthony is so relieved to have made it through the week sane (so far

as he can tell, anyway) that it doesn't bother him that very little got

done that day. After the bell rings, he nervously watches from behind his

desk (while trying to seem as if he isn't watching) as Robin slowly picks

up her books and then waits until she's the last one in the room. Then,

she swings by his desk, walking slowly with her luscious hips swaying

gently. She stops directly in front of his desk with a big smile plastered

on her face.

"Have a nice weekend, Mr. A," is all the 16-year-old says as she

quickly and unobtrusively slips her teacher a folded-up piece of notebook


"You too," is all he has a chance to say in response since she turns

and walks from the room right after handing him the paper. He watches,

mesmerized by those hips again, until she disappears out the door. Then he

jerks slightly, as if coming out of a trance, and looks down at the piece

of paper in his hand. He's afraid to open it. Though he tries to

convince himself otherwise, he's mainly worried that she's written to tell

him that she doesn't want to see him again. He's so nervous that he gets

up, looks up and down the hall, and closes his door before sitting back

down to unfold the paper and see what Robin has written.

"8 a.m. Saturday," is all the note says. Mr. Anthony turns it over,

thinking that there must be something else, but there's not. "Okay, well,

I wonder what's up?" Mr. Anthony muses silently, uncertain as to whether

or not he should be happy or worried that he's going to see Robin the next

morning. Assuming, of course, that's what the cryptic message means, but

he can't think of anything else that it might mean instead.

He shakes his head to clear it, but spends all of 8th period wondering

and worrying. At the end of the day, he gathers up his work to take home

and heads out the door.


Not surprisingly, Mr. Anthony spends Friday night at home, alternately

worrying that something has gone wrong ("She couldn't be pregnant, could

she? Or even know already if she was?" is a thought that runs through his

mind more than once during the evening.) or that Robin has changed her

mind or that she's hasn't changed her mind. In other words, he just mainly

fidgets, hoping like hell that he gets to fuck Robin in the morning and

worrying like crazy that he will.

He's awake, showered and dressed the next morning long before eight

a.m., but his heart still skips a beat when he hears a light tapping on

the door. And, he becomes even more nervous when he glances at his clock

and sees that it's only 7:30. He panics momentarily when it occurs to him

that it might not be Robin and then wonders what he'll do if it is someone

else and then Robin shows up while they're still here. But, after taking

a deep breath, he finally calms himself enough to go open the door, hoping

like mad that it is her.

He walks to the door and opens it just a crack. Before he can say a

word or even peek out, his young student slips inside and pushes the door

shut behind her.

They move further into the apartment - after he's secured the chain

and the deadbolt on the door - and Mr. Anthony drinks Robin in with his

eyes as she walks. His student is wearing a long dress this morning,

coming down to halfway between her knees and ankles. The sight of it

causes another stab of anxiety to rush through his body as he thinks that

her conservative clothing might mean that she's not here to fuck.

The pretty teenager tosses her purse onto the teacher's diningroom

table and sits down on the edge of it, and they begin to chat after Mr.

Anthony sits down in a chair facing her. Both are obviously nervous,

despite their previous encounter, and they make small talk. Robin tells

her teacher that her parents both do shift work at the local gun factory.

They had to be at work at 7:00 so she hopped in the shower as soon as they

went out the door at 6:45. Mr. Anthony can see evidence of that since

Robin's hair is still slightly wet. When she apologizes for getting to his

apartment too early, Mr. Anthony assures her that it's quite all right.

"I've been up and ready and dressed for over an hour myself," he

admits with shy smile, and they both laugh quietly at how anxious they

were about their early morning rendezvous.

"Well, I really don't have anything I have to do all day long," Robin

says hesitantly. "I mean, well, I do have to go home in time to have

dinner ready for them about 7:00 or so tonight, but I'm free until then."

"Well, that's nice," Mr. Anthony sputters in response, still not

knowing quite what to say and still unsure of himself and uncertain if

Robin is here for what he hopes she's here for. So, mainly out of

nervousness, he launches into a dry, very adult, very teacher-ish speech

about how what happened, happened, and about how sorry he is that he lost

control of himself and the situation. He tells Robin that it was all his

fault, and that she shouldn't blame herself at all, etc., etc. After he's

been blathering on for about five minutes or so, a burst of Robin's

bright, sparkling laughter stops him right in mid-sentence. He stops

concentrating on the spot on the floor between his feet (a habit of his

when he's discussing any sensitive subject) and looks up at Robin who is

still sitting on the table's edge and laughing happily at his discomfort.

Mr. Anthony watches in astonishment and with growing interest as Robin

lifts her feet off the floor and places one into each of the diningroom

chairs on either side of her of where she's sitting on the table. Then,

she spreads her legs and ever so slowly pulls her dress up over her knees

and then her thighs, finally gathering a double handful of it around her

waist, revealing that the young girl has once again come to see her

teacher without wearing her panties.

"Oh, Mr. A, would you please just shut up and fuck me!" Robin says

with a lecherous grin while she reaches down to rub her moist, shiny mound

with one hand while holding her dress up with the other.


Mr. Anthony blinks as he digests what he just heard and what he's

seeing. And, in about the same amount of time it would take to blink

twice, he takes three steps to where Robin waits, kneels down between her

legs, rams his face between her pouting pussy lips and begins slurping

away at her already juicy pussy.

"Mmmmmm, that feels so damn good, Teach!" Robin purrs. Mr. Anthony

just mumbles something unintelligible from between the teenager's pussy

lips, making her giggle. The older man devours her, making a meal of her

tender twat right there on his diningroom table, thinking a bit giddily to

himself as he does, "Damn, this is the best breakfast I ever ate on this

table!" While he continues munching on her pussy, Robin reaches over for

her purse, pulls it open, and then turns it upside down, depositing a

large mound of condoms on the table beside her. Mr. A looks up at the

noise and sees the pile of rubbers, and then he glances up at Robin's

grinning face.

"I plan on keeping you busy ALL DAY LONG!" she says emphatically, and,

to punctuate her words, Robin throws her legs up onto her teacher's

shoulders, crossing them behind his head, tries her best to yank his face

even tighter to his snatch.

"Oh God, yes! Eat me Mr. A! Eat me!" she cries out, pumping her legs

against the back of his neck to try and urge him to tongue-fuck her even

faster and harder than he already is. Mr. Anthony looks up again when he

hears the rattle of the plastic wrapper being torn off a condom. Mr.

Anthony is ready for one. It feels as though his erection may rip a hole

in his pants, and he's already desperate to shove his dick inside his

student's tight pink hole again.

He gives Robin's tender clit one last kiss and suck and then stands up

between her legs. While he quickly unfastens his pants and pushes them to

the floor, Robin takes her legs off his shoulders, leans forward and

hungrily sucks on his nipples and kisses his chest. As his pants fall to

the floor, Mr. Anthony's cock springs into the air, pointing straight at

the young girl's slimy snatch. Robin wastes no time reaching down and

fondling the hot seven-inch dick and her teacher's dangling balls, and

then expertly slides the rubber over it.

"Fuck me Teach! Fuck me hard!" Robin grunts; her voice low and

guttural and almost animalistic. She flops back onto the table and puts

her feet up onto Mr. Anthony's shoulders, waiting for him to split her

lips again.

"Yes! I'm gonna fuck you! And, fuck you hard!" the teacher grunts

back. Mr. Anthony slides forward and presses the tip of his vibrating dick

up against Robin's shiny cunt lips, and she grunts passionately when the

thick head slides just between her pussy lips and bumps into her clit.

"Shove it in, Mr. A!" she screeches, and Mr. Anthony does just what

she tells him. He pumps his hips hard and buries nearly all seven inches

of his thick dick into his student's hot, sweet hole, and Robin squeals

with delight as the large cock stretches her nearly-virginal pussy widely.

With a little grunting and some shoving, Mr. Anthony gets the last inch or

so of his shaft into Robin, making the 16-year-old giggle when his pubic

hair tickles her clit.

"Mmmmmm, that big dick feels so good inside me," she purrs; her voice

all soft and romantic for a moment, but only for a moment. "Now fuck me

with it!" Mr. Anthony is ready to do just that. He begins pistoning his

dick in and out of Robin's pussy, going slowly the first couple of

strokes, until she digs her heels in behind his head and nearly yells out,


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