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The Belt:
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I first saw Dana (pronounced like ‹DonnaŠ) when she was only 16 years

old. I was immediately attracted to her. She had all the features I

considered attractive in a woman. Long brown hair, wide mouth, nice

smile, pouty lips, cute nose, beautiful skin, nice full breasts, etc. She

had an almost innocent expression at times, but when she wanted it could

turn into a very sultry look. For these reasons I didn‰t think she was

very young, although she frequently chewed bubble gum and was often

speaking to younger boys and girls, I figured from her appearance and the

way she dressed that she was about 19 or 20.

I first got to meet her at one of the church social functions. We

caught glances a few times, and I finally went up and introduced myself.

We spoke for a long time and I was completely captivated by her beautiful

face. We stood at the bar for awhile chatting and eventually she excused

herself to use the ladies room. Upon her return I soon noticed that she

had undone the top couple of buttons on her blouse. During our continuing

conversation she leaned over a few times while laughing at my marginally

humorous anecdotes knowingly giving me a pretty good view of her breasts

which got my dick hard as rock. She asked me if I wanted to go to the

beach with her and some of her friends the next day. Even though I was

trying not to appear over anxious, I agreed almost too quickly.

We arrived at the beach the next day, and the group of us paired off

on blankets as we all laid on the beach. Dana of course had me share her

blanket with her. I pulled off my t-shirt and then sat down while I

watched Dana slide off her sweats to reveal a pair of tight jean shorts.

Her legs although a little bit big for her age, had a nice shape and

healthy color to them. She wiggled out of the shorts, purposely I

believe, shaking her ass only a couple of very short feet from my face.

My dick began its metamorphosis already as I gawked at the skimpy bikini

bottom she was wearing. It was way too small for her frame and was very

narrow at the hips. The tie-together ‹stringsŠ connecting the front and

back hooked up high and very tight on her hips. Almost half of her

wonderfully round ass was exposed as the bikini rode up her ass before she

‹fixedŠ it with her fingers. Although she had the slightest bit of a gut,

looking from the side, I found it sexy anyway. Her mound of pussy hair

bulged out against her bikini, it was obvious that she had quite a muff.

Then off came her T-shirt. She looked like a D cup ready to move up any

day now. I was always more of a leg man, but I wasn‰t about to look a

gift horse in the mouth! The puny bikini top was a token jesture at best.

It was ridiculously small. Now I knew how so much of her breasts got

tanned. Her thick nipples were outlined against the material. The bikini

must have been left over from when she was 14. The tension was high in

the thin straps as they struggled to support her big bombers. I knew it

would be a miracle if the straps didn‰t snap, or if her breasts didn‰t

flop out from under the cups sometime during the day. I also knew it

would be a miracle if I didn‰t blow my wad in the next 5 minutes.

She lied down on her stomach and then turned her head toward me

smiling and asking me if I could rub some oil on her. I felt my dick

begin to poke to almost the top of my swimsuit. I poured a generous

amount of oil in my palm and then coated my hands completely before

beginning to apply it to her beautiful brown and unblemished young skin.

It was a toss up between pleasure and agony as I oiled her down. I

hopefully stroked her spine and rubbed oil against the fine hairs on her

thighs with a prayer that she was not just leading me on.

And so I had to endure a couple of hours of these assorted activities,

rubbing oil on her, having her do the same to me (I know she saw my

erection and she secretly enjoyed my torture she was to tell me later.)

Also watching her emerge from the water shining with beads of oil and

ocean water intermingling, jouncing on the sand back to me, then purposely

dripping water on my hot skin giggling like the school girl that she

actually was.

Finally she asked if I wanted to go for a walk on the trail that ran

up and along side the beach to a sparse wooded area. I agreed and was

perfectly happy to just be out of the hot sun and away from the crowd

where I felt everyone knew of my erection. I happily watched her walking

ahead, ass jiggling away, slurping on her drink, when before I knew what

was happening she stopped abruptly, turned, and wrapped her arms around my

neck. She then gave me a long lusty whorish kiss, and then grabbed my

crotch. ‹Do you want me?Š she said in a low breath while her eyelids were

seductively partially shuttering her bluish grey eyes. My dick twitched

like someone gave it a sharp tug with a string. I almost blew my wad

right then, but then managed to mumble out a ‹yes.Š ‹Where?Š I asked as

she replied ‹Here!Š I couldn‰t argue as she pulled me over to an old

wooden shed that looked abandoned for years. She opened the door. The

inside was dirty and dusty as its outside suggested it would be.

She pulled me down in an overly familiar fashion while I fumbled to

remove her bikini bottom. When I unveiled it I couldn‰t help but gasp at

the sight of her big hairy vagina. Her gash was long, much longer than I

expected for such a young girl. I gingerly stroked her lips and withdrew

my finger as they flared and became wet and the scent invaded in nose.

Even though I was stunned, my erection was pulsating and I eagerly went

forward to penetrate her. I briefly paused when the tip of my dick

pressed against her hot wet cunt. I knew she wasn‰t the innocent the

young thing I thought she was, and I was slightly worried about what I was

getting into (literally). I slipped in effortlessly and we both let out

an inital groan of pleasure. She should have been tighter especially

since she was only 16. She was still taut, but it was obvious she wasn‰t

a virgin. My balls were on boiling over since I hadn‰t orgasmed in weeks.

I knew I had a nice full hot load to fill her hole with. I eagerly began

with a nice slow good rhythm, and presently I felt a river of her juices

began to unleash itself from inside her. Her pussy was slurping and

coating my rod with a neverending supply of her love syrup. After a few

minutes I thought I heard some voices approaching the shed and began to go

faster and deeper pounding Dana like a jackhammer. I grabbed her

shoulders viscously for leverage and continued on. Then her legs came up,

locked around my back and her suprizingly powerful thighs squeezed against

me to slow my rate down, so she could enjoy the event longer. The dirt

floor of the shed along with her wet suit and oily skin combined to make a

filthy mess of her. The voices grew closer as I tried to continue at my

quicker pace, but her thighs squeezed tighter slowing me down. After

fighting against her for about 15 minutes, pounding her pussy like I was

tenderizing a steak, my first shot finally hit her. I envisioned a steam

whistle going off. A volcano was erupting somewhere. The semen lanced up

into her cunt like molten metal. I felt like a fire hydrant being opened

on a hot August day. She howled in ecstasy as I did too suprizing myself.

She dug her nails into my back as I just concentrated on depositing my

load inside of her. The people outside were at the door! Dana groaned

loudly at each wad that I pulsed deep into her. I was surprised as one

hot shot of cum after another kept coming, as I delivered, unbelievably,

the largest total load I can remember. It was getting really sloppy down

there. Our orgasms finally ended, and we both laughed at the relief that

was afforded after the experience. I laid there for a few minutes, still

pentrating her in order to catch my breath. I then slowly withdrew and

saw how completely coated it was with her thick love secretions. We laid

there with her in my arms for a half an hour, not caring if someone would

enter the shed. After about the half hour passed her straddled me

smiling very sexily. Her vagina was shiny with excitement and it

protruded prominently from her bush, red and puffy. She began to slide

her wet cunt up and down the underside of my already erect shaft, again

painting my cock with a slick coating of her unending lubrication. She

then guided my rod and placed the tip of it against her flared pussy lips.

She moaned again and slowly lowered her self down on it and began to fuck

me with slow long strokes. Then she got into a pattern where her ass

would come way up high then slam down on me. She went into several

unusual patterns knowing that it would extend the time before my orgasm.

Sometimes, very briefly, she would move so fast her hips were a blur. But

just as I began to build toward my peak, she sensed this, and kicked down

into a slower gear. One was a slow very irregular movement, like she was

having problems shifting the gears in a car. Another one began with her

rotating her hips from side to side and as she slid her cunt down slowly

over my dick. When she bottomed out she then ground her mound against my

pubic area like she was erasing an imaginary spot at the base of my dick.

Her thick burly bush scratched away on me like sandpaper. Her grind went

on for an ungodly amount of time. Her fluids began to flow at an ever

increasing rate making my crotch a sopping mess. The slurping noises

almost made me laugh from how loudly they emenated. She went on

‹punishingŠ me for what seemed like an eternity. Finally she kicked back

into high gear for good and went wild, slamming her cunt down on my cock

in a furious unbridled squat, grunting like some wild animal as her orgasm

began to rage. Beads off sweat flew off her tits as they flailed away. I

finally began to slowly deliver my load when I felt her grab my balls with

her hand which was filled with a wickedly cold mixture of crushed ice and

water from her drink. I envisioned Old Faithful going off as I sent an

absolute rope of sperm violently up her cunt. When her orgasm died down

she collapsed on top of me, her face cool and damp with persperation. She

gave me several small tender kisses and after about 15 minuters we

decided it was time to go and rejoin the other. As I slipped on my suit

again I saw that my dick looked almost white after her fluids that had

completely painted it were now dried up and caked up over the entire

length of the shaft. Her hair was a shocking mess not to mention the rest

of her. Her hair was absolutely wild and disheveled. It was an evil mix

of oil, sand and dirt. Her body was covered with the same but she didn‰t

seem to care as we both departed the love shed.

I waited a long time for a woman to come along like this and after

only 1 year we got married. Between 18 and 19 she picked up a little more

weight, but was still very attractive. Now considered by me to be a full

figured woman. It was at 19 when I found out about her past. That she

was the queen whore of her highschool! I had a business trip to attend

and would be out of town till Monday. There was another social event at

the church sunday night which I told her to go to without me. As it

turned out I got back to town earlier than expected and decided to suprize

her at the hall. Walking toward the entrance I passed by the several open

windows of the hall and naturally looked in. I stopped dead in my tracks

as I saw Dana dressed like some cheap hooker talking to about 7 guys who

were in a semi-circle around her. A few were sitting, but most were

standing including her. She had on a shirt that was tied together so her

stomach was exposed. The top buttons of the shirt were undone and you

could actually see the side of her breasts even from where I was standing.

She had on a pair of super tight faded blue jean shorts that showed a

sliver of her ass cheeks!

The group of them were drinking and laughing. The guys, who were from

her highschool, would take turns hugging her. A couple of them grabbed

her by the waist and pulled her close and tight which she didn‰t seem to

mind at all. She put one leg up on the stool of another guy and he

actually stroked her thigh for a few minutes. She moved around in the

group being a cock tease to each guy. Another dude put his hand on her

ass and she did nothing to move it. In fact his little finger touched the

sliver of ass cheek that was poking out and her also gave her ass some

definite squeezes. She threw herself down on the lap of another making

sure to ram up against his almost certainly erect rod. After about an

hour of watching this, she followed one of the guys who was headed

outside. She caught up to him and leaned heavily on his arm whispering

something to him. They picked up their pace and arrived at his car. It

was at this time I intercepted her. ‹Going somewhere?Š I asked. Her big

mouth dropped wide open and she had a look of fear in her eyes. I grabbed

her by the arm and pulled her all the way back to my car. I shouted at

her the whole way home calling her a whore, cunt, sleaze, etc.

At home I ordered her to strip and lie on the bed stomach down. I

tied her spread-eagle to the bed posts. I said to her ‹If you‰re going to

act and dress like a whore, I‰m going to treat you like a whore.Š Turning

her head she watched me go to the closet and bring out one of my black

leather belts. Her eyes went wide and she started blurting out one

apology after another. I licked the last foot or so of the shiny side and

then drew back the strap and let Dana have a full ass biting swat across

both cheeks. The leather landed with a loud crack and she let out a shout

and winced at the intensity of the lashing. Dana squealed in pain and

kicked her feet as the second, third, and fourth landed home. I kept on

going. I don‰t know how many there were but I imagine around 40. I was

caught in the fever of retribution and ecstacy as I watched her buns

slowly redden. I brought out the Vaseline and put a thick coat on my

finger. I then began lubing Dana‰s asshole as she she gasped in horror.

I continued by lubing the first inch or so of the entrance. I whipped out

my dick as she continued to plead. I had some difficulty getting in as

she clenched her buns tight. I smacked her ass a few times with my bare

hand and then lunged into her. I rammed her as hard and deep as I could

launching my wad deep into her after only a few minutes. After

withdrawing I gave her ass another viscous slap and left her in that

position till morning.

Things were different for awhile. She was very obedient and didn‰t

even ask to venture out of the house for several weeks. I was still

suspicious and rigged up a video camera in the return vent of our bedroom.

My suspicions were confirmed as I played back the tape at the end of the

very first day I put it in. Around an hour after I would leave for work

she brought out a vibrator that plugged into the wall. From the same

hiding place came a magazine that was filled with naked men, people

fucking, etc. I grinned at the way she stroked her breasts, thighs, and

clit with the rod. I couldn‰t help but laugh out loud as she reamed

herself with it as she gazed intently on the pictures with the vibrator

buzzing loudly away. I of course wanted teach her yet another lesson and

secretly managed to paint the vibrator (which looked well used) with a

tincture of aluminum sulfate and another substance (one with a real long

name) which a friend at work supplied for me. The day after was a long

one at work as I couldn‰t wait to see what had happened to the hussy. I

viewed the video and saw how she was puzzled she looked as she noticed her

pussy beginning to pucker. The other chemical soon began its job of

burning and itching. With a violent yank she withdrew the vibrator and

with a burst of inspiration took the plastic off a new toilet brush so she

could scratch her self with it. She went insane with the brush and

scrubbed her pussy, nipples, and thighs wildly. She then she used the

thin handle as a dildo and managed to masturbate with difficulty. Sweat

poured off her body as she struggled with every inch of penetration. She

finally gave up as her pussy was firmly clenched against the handle. She

had no strength left to continue and she just laid back with the brush

sticking out.

Being an engineer, it was easy to fashion an anti-sex harness for her.

I started working on it the day that the camera went in. It consisted of

a stiff and heavy canvas and plastic corset lined with coarse wool. I

wanted discomfort to be ever present for this tramp. To accompany the

corset was a chastity belt. I confront Dana with her vibrator and

magazine and she blushed intensely. I once again administered a few

lashes with my leather belt. I then brought out a shaver and briskly

shaved her pussy, running over and over her mound. Thinking the worst was

over she was shocked when I returned to the room carrying a no nonsense

looking harness of some kind. I untied her and had her stand up. I began

to strap the belt on her which had a stainless steel band, covered with

rubber that fit tightly around her waist. It fastened in the rear with a

seriously formidable lock. Attached below the waist loop in front were a

few stout bands that attached to an opaque cup that laid over her vaginal

area. It had small ventilation holes on the very top and bottom. The

bottom part of the the cup had a thin round band attached to it which ran

through the crack of her ass and connected again to the rear lock.

Finally I locked the belt with it making a dreadful permanent sound.

‹What is this?Š she asked. ‹Don‰t you know? It‰s your chastity belt!Š I

replied. She gave a weak giggle like it was a joke or something, but when

she saw the look in my eyes and me bringing out the corset, her look

became one of anxiety. She looked dumbfounded as I wrapped the corset

around her. I had to pull hard to get it on correctly and the tightness

flattened her breasts considerably. It came up to the top of her cleavage

and extended down to the belt. The corset had two locking mechanisms.

One on top and the other on bottom. ‹How long do I have to wear these?Š

she asked. I told her until she learned to control herself. The corset

and the belt weren‰t the whole package either. I told her she could only

wear very plain ‹VictorianŠ style dresses with long sleeves and that

extended down to the ankle. I also procured a pair of non-prescription

glasses for her. They were large rimmed, heavy framed, and looked quite

geeky. I also had her hair cut short. She always had to draw it back

tight and kept up in a tight little bun on the back of her head. I also

only let her shave her armpits once a week. And as a further insurance

again anyone trying to fuck her, I sprayed her cunt with an evil smelling

substance and painted her pussy lips with a greyish dye. An unknowing man

would think twice about entering the hellish area.

To be continued.

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